ETH Oracle question | `peek()` call returns extremely large value

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Has anyone had noticed strange behavior calling the ETH price oracle/feed? shows address 0x81FE72B5A8d1A857d176C3E7d5Bd2679A9B85763 as the oracle for ETH but when I call peek() I get 0x08c379a000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 as my response.

I checked some of the other oracles/feeds and they seem to be behaving as expected (i.e. peek() returns the current price pair).

I was wondering if I’m doing something dumb or wrong.

Side question, is the medianizer no longer supported? It seems be returning 350 DAI/ETH or maybe I’ve misunderstood what the medianizer does?

Apologies if this is the wrong topic to post this question or if these are dumb questions but really appreciate any help.

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This is not strange behavior, it’s the exact output you should expect if you’re not on the whitelist for the Oracles. The first 6 bytes are the method signature. This is true for all of the Oracles, not just the ETH/USD one, the only exception being the fiat-backed stablecoins since they are just set to a value of 1.

The V1 Medianizer has been deprecated after almost a year of signaling it would be shut down.

If you’d like access to the Oracles please fill out a MIP10c9-SP3 application

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Awesome thanks for clearing that up :+1:

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