ETHDenver 2022 Planning Update


For those who aren’t familiar, ETHDenver is a popular Ethereum hackathon and conference that’s free to the public and as of June 2021, governed by SporkDAO.

Content, GovAlpha, and some of the other CUs have started brainstorming what we can do to get the most out of this opportunity.

We organized a public call to talk about how the DAO wants to engage with ETHDenver and here’s what we’ve landed on:

  1. Planning a kick-off party for Thursday evening prior to the event.
  2. Organizing efforts to collect as much content from the event(s) as possible.
  3. Planning our own side event to run concurrently with ETHDenver.

When we first spoke with the organizers, sponsorships were available but unfortunately, by the time the sponsors got back to us they said sponsorships were unavailable except for the Meta-Lite tier, which would have presumably been less than 20k and offered inclusion in promotional materials and the opportunity to sponsor prizes but not a booth.

We scheduled a call to follow up and were told that Meta-Lite is no longer available but the organizers are putting together a 50k tier that includes logos on promo materials, 15k sponsorship toward the “DeFi Track,” a booth at an undisclosed location separate from the main venue, and the ability to sponsor bounties of up to 25K.

We’ve spoken with the Mandated Actors and believe that for the money we would spend on this sponsorship and additional bounties, we could look into space to host a second side event during the day, promote it ourselves, and host whatever activities we would like there.


So far, we have offers of 10k from @collateral-core-unit, 5k from @GovAlpha-Core-Unit, and 5k from @gov-comms-core-unit, which means we still need 30k to cover the sponsorship and more if we want to sponsor any bounties outside of the official track. @happiness-core-unit @Growth-Core-Unit, and @Protocol-Engineering have offered to contribute but we haven’t received specific numbers yet.

The Content team is allocating funds to the kick-off party and may need to write a proposal to rent equipment and hire specialists to help cover our content production efforts.

If we want to offer our own bounties, we could sponsor prizes for hackers who want to work on or integrate with the Maker Protocol if Protocol Engineering or any other teams believe there are projects that would be worthwhile.


The Content team is focused on the kick-off party and content collection and is willing to try and help secure a venue for the side event but we’re quickly hitting the limits of our bandwidth.

If teams are interested in sponsoring bounties, offering swag, and hanging around to engage with attendees and each other, it would be helpful to start planning who’s going to handle what and how we’re going to pay for everything.

If it would be helpful to have another meeting, please let us know and we’ll get something scheduled.


Amazing!!! I’d love to join forces after being voted :muscle:t2:

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Hey guys!

Hoping to be able to join you in Denver.