Executive Vote 2020-11-27 - ETH-A DC Increase

Hey all,

According to @Derek the release of the Chief1.2 executive was pushed back for a few days, which means we might not be able to have another executive vote until 11th December. This means we might have certain debt ceilings maxed out in between if the crypto bull market still continues. There were three signals posted lately:

Polls were initiated only a few days ago and it is hard to claim there was any final conclusion. What I do suggest though is that ETH-A DC is increased by 100m. Simply because we can’t afford to miss on potential DAI minting from ETH in times when additional DAI supply is desperately needed.

I am not at ease of increasing ETH-B by 20m until we have MIP27 implemented which should be in December. MIP27 should protect us from potential OSM risks for ETH-B vaults. OSM risk may be low, but looking at recent ETH volatility, you never know.

Also I don’t think we can increase YFI-A DC if we don’t have a clear poll and decision on the increase of YFI-A SF, which is recommended by Risk.

So the final proposal from our side for the executive vote tomorrow is to increase ETH-A Debt Ceiling by 100m to 590m DAI.


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