Failed Transaction turned into a successful transaction = close to under-collateralized


Last night I tried to generate DAI with my locked ETH… The amount I generated would have left my collatorilzation ratio at 300% - But the transaction failed.

So I tried again but with the highest GAS fee…

I woke up and all of a sudden it looks like both transactions were successful, and I have double the amount of DAI and my collatoralization ratio was at 157%… (I quickly paid some back to get it back above 200%)

What happened here? How did the failed transaction succeed?

Looks like your 60Gwei transaction had higher nonce then your first one so they both executed one after another. The nonce needs to be the same as the transaction you want to replace. If you are using MetaMask enable the advanced gas controls so you can set the nonce manually in future.


Just for clarification, OP incorrectly stated that transaction failed. He probably meant that it did not execute.

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