Farming activity of vault users

I made a python script to check where all of the vault users are farming. In my typical style, the code is a mess and very slow. I’m going to have it set to run once a day and upload the .csv here: so the community can access this information. Let me know when a new farm pops up and I’ll add it.


I made a simple analysis to see how much of debt minted by vault owners was deposited on various liquidity mining venues. Some stats below:

  • Vault owner wallets directly hold 268m DAI in different farming venues
  • Compound and Uniswap are leading in DAI deposits by vaults, but there was a notable increase of Harvest Finance recently
  • We were able to tag about 1/3 of DAI debt on ETH, most of them are farming Compound DAI
  • Only about 9m DAI from WBTC is utilized directly in farming (largest WBTC vault has DAI position on Sushiswap). The other larger share of debt on WBTC is represented by Nexo which doesn’t seem to be involved into liquidity mining or is using other wallets
  • Almost all of debt on BAT (3.6m) is utilized by two vaults farming on Uniswap
  • About 16m DAI is sitting in wallets of Vaults owners

Next steps involve live update of changes and merging these stats in liquidation risks monitoring. As explained before, knowing which Vault users have DAI long position on particular venue is very useful when addressing liquidation risks and other risk parameters.

Note that merging vault owner addresses with farming venues doesn’t necessarily show the whole picture, because some vault owner might be using intermediate wallets when depositing DAI.

Still, this is very informative and helps us understand MakerDAO users much better. Great work @lix !


def check_brrr(self): hah, nice.

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