Feature Request: Daistats Pie Chart

The new Dai Collateralization pie chart broken down by “ilk” is great.

It would also be really nice to one broken down by underlying collateral (ETH/WBTC/USDC/Others). In other words, group all the ETH ilks together, all USDC ilks + USDC PSM together, etc.

I think that would more clearly illustrate what people are intuitively looking for when asking “What backs Dai?” and what Dai holders would receive in Emergency Shutdown.


I commented something like this on twitter, it would be good to see it by set of assets, and no longer separately.

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Exactly, it makes much more sense this way

by @tadeo.

I believe he’s working on an improved, faster version.


Thanks, @juanjuan .

You can now access the website directly using the same link https://backeddai.makerdao.network/

I’ve simplified it a bit to keep it consistent, not talking about the collateralization ratio given that Dai users are not necessarily affected by it, as it’s more a risk management measure for meant for vault owners.

If you have any feedback, please let me know!

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