Feature Request: Search functionality on Voter Portal [Informal Poll]

Hello everyone!

While working on a spreadsheet to track all the past and present MIPs, I’ve been running into a few problems. Some of them are a me thing (like not finding info right in front of me) but there are a couple that I think point to a greater need for the community. This poll is to see if anyone else thinks that adding a search function to the voter portal would be worth the dev work required to do so. Fairly certain this feature is self-explanatory, but just in case, I’m asking that a little search icon with functionality to look for titles or topics of past votes be added to the portal, not dissimilar from the feature on the top right of this site (the forum) where you can search for previous and ongoing topics. I believe this feature would be worth the hours to build it for the following reasons:

  • Search functionality makes research on historical actions much easier
  • There are several people working on MIP portals/trackers all of which have to be able to confirm the data they are producing (ie check to make sure MIPX actually passed)
  • Current titles of executive votes make it near impossible to see what was voted on without actually clicking the link to the summary
  • New users will expect some search functionality when visiting the portal for the first time
  • The time spent by devs making the functionality will be repaid in by contributors’ time savings for having the feature

The cons (as I see them):

  • Adds unnecessary work to a busy team
  • Could cost a decent amount of DAI to make happen
  • Risks down time/something going wrong on the voter portal in order to be implemented

I am conducting this poll after posting in the Rocket.Chat Dev channel and being told that this could be done if there is enough community support. I will leave the poll open for the standard two weeks, and will link this post in the Chat as a gauge of community interest. If you have a problem with any of the points I’ve made/think this is improper please let your comments be known!

Adding Search Functionality to Maker Voter Portal
  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain

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I voted for.

Also depending on the points you raised ( Time/cost ).

While waiting for it, maybe a simple page gathering all MIP, with a title, a status and maybe one 2 lines explaining the content could be helpful.
Then new users can find infos easily, and it’s faster and (cheaper) to do than adding a Search function.

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The sheet I’m working on gives the MIP name, current status, 1 sentence description, links to forum and git.hub and dates of action. I’m definitely learning a lot from making it as a newer member myself! I think just having it to reference will make a big difference for users of all levels and will hopefully help the creation of a MIP portal where the info can be displayed and accessed much more cleanly

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Thanks for your work. Will be useful.

Not sure how easy is it to do. Can also open a bounty on Gitcoin or here, and see if someone can make it.

But for sure a Search function is always useful

Wanted to bump this up! It’s not a super important poll, but I am genuinely curious if there are more people out there that think this feature would be worthwhile. If not no worries, but voting no or abstain would also be a helpful!

I think this is a good idea and I have wanted it for a while, that said, I’m not sure how much general use it will see. Most people don’t need to go back and look at old polls.

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For blogs or other content creators it might be a powerful tool, searching in the actual voting portal is better than here or github i think, but yeah, besides that i don’t see more using.


shouldn’t all onchain-polls and execs also in the github-repo? maybe it is not as convenient as a built-in search in the voting portal, but i would rather see comments on polls implemented as they would give us a lot more benefit.

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