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  • Cautious optimism
  • Long term scalability
  • Adaptability

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Email (optional): [email protected]
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Why delegate to me?

In my humble opinion, being a delegate is simply about responsibility and leveraging aligned incentives.

Who am I?

I’ve been around the block in crypto at both centralized and decentralized companies/communities.

I did some stuff and such for community development at the Foundation.

Delegation as Responsibility

Applying as a delegate is a forcing function for me: become a better member of the community. In addition, delegation feeds into the two projects I’m still working on, the revised and relaunched Maker badges and Maker Relay. We have plans to scale Maker Relay into something far more robust eventually. What form it takes is still up for exploring and questions. The Relay makes me a more informed voter, which is great. It’s also an exciting thing to provide, working together for our numerous stakeholders. Completely revised Badges, of course, need no introduction but needless to say, they will be exciting.


Cautious optimism -

I’ve been reading about mindsets a lot recently and operate from this position: “pessimism is easy, whereas optimism is hard.” MakerDAO has already exercised extraordinary caution and restraint in a historical frothy space. I’d vote to stay aligned with the mindset that brought us innovations like liquidations 2.0. Steady testing, reliable math, and thoughtful intention. When it works, then celebrate the process that got us there but still, always aware that there are looming threats to the protocol we need to be conscious of.

Long term scalability

The only thing that matters is that DAI is bulletproof for the long term. I see USDC as a current hairy problem that we’ll find an elegant solution to. Then there will be another problem for us to handle. I think with each of these challenges we grow stronger as a community. Stealing a metaphor from Matt Rabinowitz here: I intend to vote for rates parameters and technical decisions that enable walking first and then running. Then, I dunno, like speedboating or something.


Conversely, if you blend my optimism and startup experience into a bit of a paradox, I do think there are nimble opportunities that pop up from time to time that are worth pursuing. I think staying adaptable to layups is key for the team.

Aligned incentives > conflict of interest

Interestingly, I don’t have any conflicts of interest; I actually have aligned incentives instead. :smile:

At my day job at Rabbit hole. We’re building an on-chain resume, and part of that is learning and trying to scale the delegates’ experience on-chain. Dogfooding this opportunity and attempting templatization for the rest of the DeFi community is quite literally part of my role. This tends to be how it goes anyways; MakerDAO does a thing in an extremely robust way, the rest of DeFi borrows heavily.

Possible conflict of interest?


It’s worth stating that as a delegate I won’t be doing this all for free. I don’t think it’s fair to expect a 10 hour minimum of weekly work to be an informed voter on behalf of others without some level of compensation. We haven’t figured out the model for this quite yet, once we have the rough edges I will communicate what I think is the best approach.

Not sure if operating a keeper is a conflict of interest, but I do have some hope in getting the backstop keeper running on a computer at home. I will probably get sandwiched, but hey, one for the cause, am I right?

I read and agree to follow the Delegate Code of Conduct.


Matching my profile edits and adding my LLC name to this delegate platform. I’ll leave the bit about payments and keepers since that’s more forum-appropriate. But I removed that blurb from the delegate profile since it seemed like clutter.


I dare say that very few have the merits for a position, and this is the case. Best regards


Adding my presentation from the meet-your-delegate call a bit ago.

Plus the first tweetstorm about my first vote. WIll likely copy this over and utilize updates as a category instead.

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Tweetstorming into people’s hearts and minds.

Really appreciate @planetx for spearheading the discussion about CFdrop on his voting threads

Will update here once my polling votes go through as yes/no/abstain.


I don’t think I’ve ever voted that fast but hey, here we are.


Was originally planning to abstain on these but I was inspired by the other delegates this weekend. Updated my thread above to correspond with votes.


Lower the Flash Mint Fee (toll) to 0% - August 30, 2021 - yes
Add RWA007 (SolarX) as a new RWA Vault Type - August 30, 2021 - Abstain

And lo yet another tweet thread:


My vote went up late, but it’s one for the cause.

Where’s my “graeve of gas fee immunity” when I need it?

Poll Name Vote Notes
Offboard KNC Legacy Token Yes Consistently hasn’t performed
Add GUNIV3DAIUSDC1-A as a new Vault Type Yes Levered up LP vaults to assist PSM challenges seem promising
RAI Abstain RAI has potential and likely with a larger market will be a super valuable vault type. Abstaining for now since can’t make up my mind.
RARE No Only at this time! It’s a little early, can’t wait to watch superare grow
Adopt the Debt Ceiling Instant Access Module for PSM-PAX-A Yes PSM flexibility is crucial
Ratification Poll for GovAlpha Core Unit Budget Q4 2021 to Q1 2022 (MIP40c3-SP29) Yes One of our most vital core unit’s budget is essential to keep moving the DAO forward.
Ratification Poll for Risk Core Unit MKR Compensation (MIP40c3-SP25) Yes with extra yes risk got caught in a conundrum and suffered as a result. This past-looking compensation is more than reasonable for the stress that decentralization caused. (Eventually/additionally tweeted about this issue specifically) here
Ratification Poll for Modify Core Unit Budget - Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling (MIP40c3-SP31 Yes
Ratification Poll for Collateral Engineering Services Core Unit, CES-001 Yes Voted for this because Collateral is the lifeblood of maker and a team focused on it with deep roots will scale this process.
Ratification Poll for StarkNet Engineering Core Unit, SNE-001 Abstain Not generally opposed to this unit coming aboard and lack the time to evaluate for meaningful vote.
Ratification Poll for Development & UX Core Unit, DUX-001 Yes team has been transparent and shipping :+1:
Ratification Poll for Strategic Happiness Core Unit, SH-001 Yes with glitter. Burban is a force for the whole community, increasing the vibes is important to expand the participation and image of teams at the DAO. Adding strategic happiness is a win for the DAO writ large.
Ratification Poll for RWA Foundations (MIP58) Abstain/Soon :tm: Reminds me of an old employer’s entity structure and I’m still confused on the cross with MIP21, so…abstained.

For abstaining votes, need a little bit more time to articulate thoughts.

edit: it feels very weird copying these historic thoughts…


Good to have you, Tim!

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Got my wisdom teeth out Thursday so def late to the party this week, but, happy to support the hat.

Voted in line with polling votes- Collateral Onboarding and Offboarding, PSM DC-IAM changes - September 17, 2021

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Adjusting Auction Parameters for ETH-A, ETH-B, ETH-C, and WBTC-A – Yes, @Primoz made a pretty clear and cogent case for these changes

Increase the System Surplus Buffer --Yes. Round numbers are great for readability, and because we should be investing in our growth instead of trying to take profits at this stage, FWIW. A larger buffer enables that.

However, long live flapper distributor. We need to get our expenses out of the buffer over time in a more elegant solution. We’ll get there.

Will probably abstain on Community Greenlight Poll - SB-DDC (Solid Block Detox Digital Coins)

Community Greenlight Poll - REIF-DROP (Commercial Real Estate Assets DROP) was actually kind enough to reach out, so ill take that opportunity to dive deep before voting.

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Adjusting Auction Parameters and Testing Layer 2 Components - September 24, 2021 - :white_check_mark:

1st to vote on Friday? Anyways, closing the loop here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This executive follows my polling votes from one post above.


yeah I was looking at these - I should have voted when gas was lower…


Tweetstorm about the past two votes and some polls. Definitely been getting better at supporting executives on Fridays. :raised_hands:


Offboarding Vaults, MKR Vesting, and Core Unit Budget Distribution - October 8, 2021 | voted

We missed the polls for these collateral types due to gas costs and being busy, yet, we’ve been writing about them in maker relay for months now. Not too much opposition there had vote timing been better. :man_shrugging:


Not sure if it was @dux-core-unit entirely but shout out to the team because voting on my phone at a Rabbithole retreat was seamless. :handshake:

**Add stETH (Lido Staked ETH) as a new Vault Type **

:white_check_mark: “Yes”, the team is solid and it’s been growing quite well without significant hiccups

**Nexo Institutional Vault Onboarding **

:white_check_mark: “Yes” – Growth CU & Risk did a spectacular job outlining the use case and partnership. Plus Nexo did great coming to the forums to share their viewpoints and how this would benefit the ecosystem as well as Nexo. Even though DeFi rips on tradfi, a path towards new institutional partners will come out of more vaults like this. Plus more Dai nGu.

**PaperImperium Supplemental Compensation **

:white_check_mark: “Yes” – This one’s obvious. We don’t value contributors fast enough and Paper came in, scaled up super quickly, and provided a ton of impact.

**Add the Aave Direct Deposit DAI Module (D3M) **

:white_check_mark: “Yes” – Really dope to see cross-protocol work come to fruition.

**Increase the GUNIV3DAIUSDC1-A Debt Ceiling **

:white_check_mark: “Yes” pretty sure this hit the preliminary debt ceiling in like the first week it went up.


Nice! Glad it worked well for you. We haven’t had a chance to give our mobile experience as much attention as we’d like, but we’ll definitely be making more improvements in that direction in the near future!


Some of these opinions are gonna be annoying, we can have that conversation back in the original threads, but I apologize for lurking and not commenting lately. Sometimes less is more.

Parameter Changes Proposal - MakerDAO Open Market Committee - October 18, 2021

Yes - The market is definitely moving quickly and the OMC articulated sensible parameters to meet demand. Again.

Ratification Poll for Adding the Deco Fixed Rate Core Unit (DECO-001) - October 11, 2021

Abstain - I’ve done what I can to keep up with this unit and all the fixed rate pros/cons abstaining is the best option. All I want to see is that the comp aligns with long-term interests, which AES articulated summarized here:

Ratification Poll for Adding Data Insights Core Unit (DIN-001) - October 11, 2021

Yes - We need more data to understand Maker’s performance on a variety of benchmarks. Plus, proposal revisions with other delegates sets a good example.

Ratification Poll for Growth Core Unit Budget, GRO-001 (MIP40c3-SP37) - October 11, 2021

Yes - Continues to be one of the most transparent teams that continually delivers value for the community.

Ratification Poll for Modify Core Unit Budget, MKT-001 (MIP40c3-SP33) - October 11, 2021

Yes - but looking forward to clearer budgets in the future.

Ratification Poll for Adding MakerLabs Core Unit (SNUNK-001) - October 11, 2021

Abstain - These cats are some of my favorite people abstained to not block things. Yet, EurDAI is way too big for an ‘MVP’ approach. There are other low-hanging fruits to jam on with the community and get out the door. If it ends up failing I’m stoked to see revisions, if passes, hey that’s dope too.

Ratification Poll for Implementation of DSS Charter (MIP59) - October 11, 2021

Yes - Institutional access to Maker is, sadly, one of the key levers to growing supply. Once Nexo clarified how their positions would benefit the ecosystem writ large via their desk, they convinced me.


Executive - Parameter Changes, WSTETH-A Onboarding - October 22, 2021 – :white_check_mark: voted Friday.

Exciting to bring on a new vault type and this confirms the polling votes for parameter changes (bullish on increasing GUNI etc.).

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