Financial Report - 2021-09

The financial report for September 2021 is available here.


Broader crypto market recovery led to higher lending demand and protocol income. Net Protocol income was up 339% month over month, driven by liquidation income due to higher crypto market volatility. On a year over year basis, all key metrics are up significantly with recurring income up 615%.

  • Recurring income increased to 1.37M (+80% vs last month), driven by a 16% increase in net interest income.
  • DAI safety continues to increase with leverage ratio at 0.96% and CET1 ratio at 2.42% (down 1 bp vs prior month).
  • The peg is super safe as we have 59% of our assets as liquidity reserves (fiat-backed stablecoins)

Selected slides


I am surprised that this post has so little participation.

First, your report is very good, we continue to grow month by month, and the numbers back us up.

Only L1 values will be taken and not L2? why is that?


We’ve included slides (#12 and #13) for Arbitrum and Optimism growth for DAI, USDC, and USDT. We are working on new queries with all of the L2s but my SQL skills are not as strong as @SebVentures’s so will take some more time to get up and running :slight_smile:


Can you also include Solana and Avalanche? Saber prob has one of the best DAI/USDC yields in town–but you didn’t hear it from me :))

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