Fix Gitcoin Feed Key Replacement on MANAUSD Oracle

Back in July Gitcoin’s server they were hosting their Feed on got nuked. Kevin hadn’t backed up their private keys and so Maker Governance needed to swap out Gitcoin’s previous Feed key with a newly generated key. The details of which can be found here:

This key swap was done in an Executive Vote at the end of July. Two days later Maker Governance onboarded MANA as a collateral type. At the time of the key swap, the Oracle Team had already signed over admin control of the MANA/USD Oracle Medianizer to the Maker Protocol and assumed this change would be reflected in the spell the Smart Contracts team had generated for the Executive Vote for the key swap. Due to a miscommunication between the Oracle Domain Team and the Smart Contracts Domain Team this was not the case.

As it stands now, the MANAUSD Oracle is still utilizing the old Gitcoin Feed key and needs to be adjusted in the upcoming Executive Vote to remove the old key and replace it with the new one.


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