Fixed-rate, Fixed-term Borrowing and Lending of Dai with the Yield Protocol

This week we launched the Yield Protocol Beta on mainnet. The Yield Protocol enables fixed-rate, fixed-term borrowing and lending of Dai. We are proud to say that it is built on top of the Maker Protocol.

Click to read our announcement or try out the app.

We hope that the Maker community finds the Yield Protocol to be a useful addition to the Dai ecosystem. This is a beta test, but the smart contracts have been thoroughly audited and tested. We plan to move out of beta in early November, once the October 2020 maturity has successfully matured.

Iā€™m happy to answer any questions, and we welcome everyone to join our community Discord.


Excellent! Fixed-rate Dai is something people have been asking about on the MakerDAO sub-reddit (and sometimes even in the forum) for awhile now.