Flop Auction History

I’d be really glad if someone could help me with this question:

Is there any way to get historical data of flop auctions?

https://daiauctions.com/ gives you the latest 3 days

Obviously there is a way. You can always read from the ethereum blockchain.
If you are asking if someone already did it, transformed data to more suitable representation AND exposed it publicly. I am not aware.

I briefly checked the https://thegraph.com/explorer/
And could not find it any.

You can use this one, for flips, but not flops (i think)

Are you asking if someone has text file (csv) for importing to excel (or similar)?
I guess you need to provide more information.


Thank you for your quick reply.
Well any kind of information would be really helpful. Csv, online tool, anything.
But if I can find it on the block explorer of ethereum, it’s at least somewhere I can start.

It would be too much manual work. Maybe asking on project’s rocket chat would make sense.

Don’t know how much coding you do, but i made a tool a while back that will pull the auctions and write them to a csv file.

Haven’t maintained it really and it probably only works for ETH / BAT slash documentation is non-existent.

Might be a place to start though.


Some MKR FLOP auction data.


Thank you for your input. At first I installed nodejs and cloned your project. After an error message I also installed npm (https://docs.makerdao.com/dai.js/getting-started).

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo apt-get install npm
npm install @makerdao/dai
npm install @makerdao/dai-plugin-mcd
npm install csv-writer
npm install web3

If I run the following line:

MAINNET_URL=https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/yourinfuraproject node query

I get an error message, although it seems that everything is installed.

You can improve web3’s peformance when running Node.js versions older than 10.5.0 by installing the (deprecated) scrypt package in your project
deleting old file if exists
(node:22964) Warning: N-API is an experimental feature and could change at any time.
error in main
{ [Error: Internal error] message: ‘Internal error’, code: -32603 }

Do you know what this is about?
I can’t find anything on the web explaining this error.

did you literally run with MAINNET_URL=https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/yourinfuraproject?

you’ll need to actually sign up for an infura account to get that to work see: https://infura.io/

Sry, I see. :sweat_smile:

One can get an endpoint of an Ethereum 1.0 node on Infura, right?
Is an account there necessary for this application if I ran my own node?

i think web 3 lets you connect to nodes of your own but you will need to check the web3.js documentation about that and update the code accordingly.

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