Forum at a Glance: December 9 - 16, 2021

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Links reflect my view of the most noteworthy activities in the governance, risk, and oracles categories right now. Disagree? Think something should be added? Leave a reply or a pm.

Three-Point Summary

‘What’s the most relevant information on the forums this week for MKR and Dai holders?’

ICYMI - Announcements

Multiple Testnet Deprecation - The Protocol Engineering Team is deprecating the Kovan, Ropsten, and Rinkeby deployments from The Goerli testnet will continue being maintained and updated. The Kovan test deployment was officially supported and deprecated in August of 2021 due to Kovan test network reaching the end of support in openethereum. Users should migrate test contracts to our Goerli deployment, which PECU continues to maintain. Affected users can continue using the previous contracts in the simulation. However, no further updates will be made to those deployments. Developers can simulate tests against our mainnet deployment, switch to Goerli testnet, or deploy a copy of dss in a local testchain using dss-deploy-scripts.

Makerburn updates, December 2021 - @makerburn publish their most recent updates! Makerburn website now contains improved dashboard statistics, burn auctions features, a new chart visualizing recent liquidations, a new treasury page showing assets currently controlled by the DAO, new dashboard alerts, and makerburn bot upgrades along with other minor updates.

Unified Auctions UI Release v0.3.2 - December 10th, 2021 - The Sidestream Auction Services Core Unit present their Unified Auctions UI Release, which aims to provide a one-stop solution that redirects users to relevant resources related to auctions. This includes the different UIs participating in either collateral, surplus, or debt auction. But we also included auction-related analytics tools as well as existing keeper implementations. It also includes an adjustable outcome wallet, which allows users to specify the receiver address. SAS also includes other changes along with a sneak peek into their upcoming features.

BIS, Maker, and rigging for sailing closer to the wind - The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has released their quarterly review that features DeFi and Maker, specifically. The BIS review provides some good starting points for adjusting ourselves for upwind sailing along with this cold war of regulations. @Allan_Pedersen breaks down the BIS’ concerns and provides some policy response recommendations, essentially structuring MakerDAO in a way to allow it for smoother sailing when it comes down to DeFi regulations. NB: BIS quarterly review does not reflect official BIS positions.

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Active Discussions

‘What’s going on? You think what?! You’re 100% wrong, and here’s why…’

Why are you passionate about Maker? - @Frank_Brinkkemper doesn’t bring up issues or requests. Instead, he asks the community what makes everyone so passionate about Maker. Have any interesting comments on this? Jump in and post your stories!

EthDenver call for sponsorship - After meeting the People of Maker in Paris at EthCC, @ultraschuppi was once more confirmed the value to meet in person and not only through zoom and chat. He believes it would be helpful to include Recognized Delegates into these events - e.g., be part of intros and meetings in the presence of Growth Core Unit. However, Delegates don’t have a travel budget. @ultraschuppi has tickets for EthDenver 2022 and is looking for a Core Unit to sponsor those travel expenses.

Schuppi Recent Musings - Currently, the platform-threads is summarizing the onchain actions of the Recognized Delegates. This gives a good overview of our thinking process results, but it does not give any hints about what is going on before making our decisions. @ultraschuppi asks the community whether it would be helpful to provide additional updates about the thinking process when voting. Should we have this as something where the community interacts with an individual delegate?

Unsolicited Advice - @TheExistence treats us with their knowledge and experience by offering 68 bullets of unsolicited advice by Kevin Kelly. Whether some advice is misunderstood or astray from personal beliefs, it is still important to consider each and every one of them.

[Rocking the DeFi Chasm] Will OG DeFi Applications Look to Reinvent Themselves in 2022? - @ElProgreso believes it’s time for OG DeFi applications such as Maker Protocol to level up as we transition over to 2022. That’s because the second half of 2021 has really cooled off the DeFi sector to the point of being undervalued, at least for Maker. Many other DeFi applications are now pushing for changes in 2022 to help improve their token or application value. This means that it’s now time for Maker to cross the next frontier; the multi-blockchain future. Check out the post for more cool information and additional details.

Seeking Consensus

‘Yo, do you even signal?’

Adjust minimum bid increase(beg) and lot size (bump) on flap-auctions - Signal Closes December 31st - Data shows that there are some inefficiencies when it comes to how we buy back MKR, such as buying 3.62% over market price. @JustinCase proposes to lower the beg to retain more value to be burned. To offset some of the disadvantages, @JustinCase would, at the same time, propose to increase the lot size.

Raise Threshold For Emergency Shutdown Module - Signal Closes December 28th - Currently, 75,000 MKR would need to be burned in the ESM to allow for Emergency Shutdown. This amount now invites a risk where a single heavy MKR holder may be compelled to trigger Emergency Shutdown. @GFXlabs submits a request to determine whether to increase the ESM threshold. It is not believed that any single MKR holder has more than 100k MKR at this time. In response, @GFXlabs asks the community whether we should raise the ESM threshold to 100k MKR?

Ongoing Initiatives

‘Oh my god, this is taking ages; why can’t things be simple?’

Recognised Delegate Requirements - @LongForWisdom writes a detailed overview of the current requirements and application system to become a delegate in the Maker community. Check out this thread for more posts related to delegation.

Where to Find Opportunities at MakerDAO and Open positions at MakerDAO - Looking for job opportunities at MakerDAO? Perfect! @Davidutro and @manomad set up individual threads containing resources to help find available job listing and hiring practices. If anybody has additional information on unique hiring practices or job listings, please comment on the thread.

:mega: Collateral Calls - Calling all Projects! - @juan sets up a signup thread for projects wishing to present on the bi-weekly collateral call. Know any potential collateral partners that want to present? Refer them here.

Collateral Status Index - Confused about the current status of the various collateral types that have been discussed recently? Check out this post to find out the status and current position of each within the onboarding process.

Weekly MIPs Updates - @blimpa brings the latest updates in the world of MIPs.

The Official Welcome Thread - A welcome and introductions thread. Not strictly governance, but if anyone new or old wants to introduce themselves, now is your chance!

Help Wanted

‘Oh %#$?, we need a doodad, and we need it now.’

Wanted: Governance Contributors for GovAlpha - @LongForWisdom puts out the call for new team members! Different tracks are available depending on interest and time commitment.

We could always use help reviewing MIPs in the Request for Comment phase.

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What’s Ahead?

‘Wow! 2022 is here already!? What do we do?’

Forum at a Glance 2022:

The Forum at a Glance has grown to establish itself as the community’s weekly forum summary. Initially, the objective was to include all posts, announcements, and discussions into the Forum at a Glance. However, there are areas for improvement, which came to my attention after collecting feedback and metrics during the last several months. In response, I have decided to dance with the styling and format a bit as we come into 2022. Next year’s Forum at a Glance will contain the top 3 pertinent forum posts for announcements and discussions. Signal requests and other information will remain more or less the same. There will be minor structural changes as well to help improve reader digestibility and attractiveness. If anyone has additional feedback, please, submit it to our feedback survey above. Happy holidays to everyone!


Hey Artem! As a Community member that finds it difficult to stay up to date with everything going on, I find these updates super helpful. I’m sure there are ways to improve the Forum at a Glance, but I wanted to say that I really appreciate these updates as a way to stay informed on what’s happening so thank you!


The video version is now available on the MakerDAO Youtube channel:

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Thanks, Katie!

We try our best to review all information in the DAO because it’s difficult to stay up to date with hundreds of new materials published every month.

If you ever come up with any good feedback for improvement, please don’t hesitate to let me know =)


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