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As some of you may be aware, I’ve been putting tags on things in the last little while. My hope is to keep this topic up to date with the most used tags as the forum evolves, in order to help people navigate and find the things they are looking for.

To be clear, this is descriptive rather than prescriptive, but please try to use the tags below where possible.

For the time being I’ve put this in governance, as it’s the largest and most frequented category, but to be clear this index covers the entire forum. It may be moved in the future, but hopefully it will end up as a sticky somewhere prominent.

Current Affairs

Covid-Crash - Topics related to the global financial instability caused by the Covid19 Coronavirus and how this has affected MakerDAO.

Black-Thursday - Topics related to ‘Black Thursday,’ the Thursday on which many Vault users were liquidated by keepers winning auctions with $0 bids.

Active-Signals - Should always contain only those signal threads that are currently active and looking for community interaction.

SCD-Tax - Topics relating to the potential use of the tax parameter prior to SCD Shutdown.

SCD-Shutdown - Topics relating to the shutdown of SCD

MCD-Migration - Topics created with the aim of describing, discussing or informing about the SCD-MCD migration.

Seeking Information

Summary - Topics created with the aim of summarising or collecting information to be more easily understood by the Maker community.

Analysis - Topics created with the aim of sharing detailed, reasoned, or evidence based information with the Maker community.

DCS Governance

Emergency Response - Topics related to emergency response handling in times of crisis.

Data - Topics presenting or discussing data for consumption by the community.

Rates - Topics relating to stability fees and risk premiums within the Dai Credit System.

DSR - Topics relating to the DSR within the Dai Credit System.

Debt-Ceiling - Topics related to discussion of the debt-ceiling within the Dai Credit System.

Decision Making

Alignment - Topics relating to deciding/discussing the goals of the Maker community.

Signaling - Topics that include a request for signals provided by the Maker community, usually in the form of a forum poll.

Collateral-App - Topics containing a collateral application proposing that an asset be included in the Dai Credit System.

DAO Matters

Meta-Governance - Topics relating to the way in which the Maker community govern themselves and the Dai Credit System.

Concerns - Topics relating to any troubles or concerns, issues with the community or the Foundation.

DAO-Structure - Topics relating to the structure of MakerDAO, either now, or in the future.

Interim-Structure - Topics relating to the current interim structure of MakerDAO.

Feedback - Topics containing or requesting feedback from the MakerDAO community.

Original Thought

Idea - Topics containing original or interesting ideas that have some relevance to the Maker community.

Added active-signals tag, Last updated: 14/02/20, LFW

A full list of tags is here.


Thx. This is great. I would also like to compliment your work in general it is unbelievably high quality every time. Imo the community will benefit greatly from your efforts. Thx again.


In the spirit of experimentation / laziness, I’ve made this index a wiki-post. That means that anyone TL1 or above can edit it.

If anyone wants to update the top tags, or move these into categories or generally improve layout or navigation for this index, feel free to take a crack at it.

Updated by moving the tags into categories and adding a few of the more recently used ones.

Some may say that if we have categories and we have tags, then we don’t need categories for our tags. To those people, I say: This is a wiki post.

I think soon we will need to have a thread that collects all the MIP ideas before they actually happen. For example, I know there’s community discussions about a number of things that will be needing to happen in our governance roadmap. For example:

  1. MKR locked for t time during voting, to prevent from atomic vote+sale to escape liability. This would also ensure the malicious party loses MKR in the event of an ES due to their actions.
  2. Developing the mechanism for paying people out of the system surplus.
  3. An elegant and trustless solution to bug disclosures, patch development and deployment.
  4. other MIPs and ideas that don’t “live” anywhere yet.

Thoughts? We can update that thread with links to the discussion threads and actual MIPs as they are created. But the ideas should be collected together somewhere so we can keep track.


Hi @LongForWisdom ,

Can you tell me if there is a way to un-mute like trustable new members ?

Some people that we know , i don’t think they should be muted they could start to contribute right away.

Many thanks about your reply Have a great evening !!

Yeah i took one but tl1 is not giving me anything to do this.

I send you a private message

Yep, I agree this would be a good idea, but I think it might be good to get more information on the MIP process before building stuff around it.

For all I know there is already something in the works that might include a more formal suggestion process. I’ll happily set up and help maintain a thread with that purpose once we know more about the process.

Most of this category of thread is already tagged up under ‘idea’ or ‘proposal’ so it shouldn’t be too much trouble rounding them up when the time comes.


I have updated this navigation index to include more of the ‘current affairs’ going on in the governance discussion. I will be attempting to keep this category up to date going forwards.

I would love if anyone creating a thread that fits within one of these current affairs could append the appropriate tag. If not, don’t worry, I’ll get to it eventually.


Updated with some of the new tags I am using to track the recent goings on.

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