[Forum Poll] Petition Letter to A16z


following this thread ([Proposal] Petition Letter to A16z), which seems to have received a warm feedback from the community, I am moving on to the next step with this Forum Poll.

The poll asks if you agree to formally run a on-chain Governance poll to approve (or not) the petition letter uploaded to the IPFS here:


which you should be able to view directly with Brave Browser in a decentralised way or


With any other browser (centralised proxy). The advantage of uploading on IPFS is that the document is immutable (as opposed to, e.g., a forum post here), because the address is its hash.

Do you agree on running a Governance poll to approve the petition letter linked above?
  • YES
  • NO

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  1. You are only voting on the opportunity to run such a poll. Not on accepting or rejecting the letter.
  2. I have re-read the letter and improved it using comments from community members. Nevertheless it might still be imperfect and/or contain typos. In such a case please let me know and I will edit the document and modify the IPFS address accordingly. The important thing is to have an immutable petition letter once the on-chain poll starts.
  3. Communication to A16z. Once the onchain poll is completed, everybody will be able to see the result. Therefore anybody is free to inform A16z and/or the community about the result in the way they prefer.

Just to clarify here, informal polls don’t lead to on-chain polls, signal requests do. Even if this ends favourably, you’ll still need to run a signal request prior to us putting up an on-chain poll.

Alternatively, you can replace this with a signal request, but then this…

…is no longer true.


Thanks @LongForWisdom !
I should have known better!

I apologise to the 24 people who already voted.
I will now start a Signal Request (almost the same thing but with the modifications suggested by @LongForWisdom).

I know this adds to your “governance fatigue”, but I’d be grateful if you could re-express your preference.


Signal Request can be found here: [Signal Request] Petition Letter to A16z

I’ll close this to avoid confusion, please leave any comments on the signal linked above.