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Would it be an idea if we attempted to always include the options “abstain” and “disagree with poll options” in any poll on the forum?

“Abstain” gives one the possibility of signaling “I don’t have an opinion”, “I’m not knowledgeable on the matter” etc. This I believe is a valuable input. It would help us identify areas where more knowledgeable people are needed (E.g. to avoid centralization of knowledge or complete lag of knowledge in some areas).

“Disagree with poll options” is a way of abstaining however for a very specific reason which one should then describe below the poll. This input would also be really valuable imo and would hopefully give the poll creator some input on if and how a poll would possibly make more sense.

Hope the above makes sense.


Yeah I think this is a really great idea, especially as we test out trying to gather consensus from forum polls for what poll options should be. We could use this as a barometer for how effectively the signal gathering is.

It would also be awesome to have a more accurate count of active MKR holders.

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Sensible idea, especially having options for ‘abstain’. I’ve also started adding an ‘I just want to see the results’ option. As it occurred to me that Rich (and any other impartial actor) probably wants to see the results without voting.

As these options are all essentially an abstention it perhaps makes sense to split it down further. Although I’m not convinced it’s good to have a huge amount of options that won’t usually be used.

We could have:

Abstain (I just want to see results)
Abstain (I have no Opinion)
Abstain (I don’t feel I am knowledgeable on the subject)
Abstain (I disagree with the poll options)
Abstain (I have a different objection)

I’ll start doing this and see if anyone complains.