Forum Tag Index

As some of you may be aware, I’ve been putting tags on things in the last little while. My hope is to keep this topic up to date with the most used tags as the forum evolves, in order to help people navigate and find the things they are looking for.

To be clear, this is descriptive rather than prescriptive, but please try to use the tags below where possible.

For the time being I’ve put this in governance, as it’s the largest and most frequented category, but to be clear this index covers the entire forum. It may be moved in the future, but hopefully it will end up as a sticky somewhere prominent.

I may organise these into sections at some point. But for now, they are organised by usage.

Tag Index

In order of usage count. Usage >= 5, Last updated: 14/10/19, LFW

Alignment - Topics relating to deciding/discussing the goals of the Maker community.

Meta-Governance - Topics relating to the way in which the Maker community govern themselves and the Dai Credit System.

Signaling - Topics that include a request for signals provided by the Maker community, usually in the form of a forum poll.

Summary - Topics created with the aim of summarising or collecting information to be more easily understood by the Maker community.

Analysis - Topics created with the aim of sharing detailed, reasoned, or evidence based information with the Maker community.

DAO-Structure - Topics relating to the structure of the MakerDAO.

Idea - Topics containing original or interesting ideas that have some relevance to the Maker community.

Rates - Topics relating to stability fees, risk premiums or the DSR in the Dai Credit System.

Concerns - Topics relating to any troubles or concerns, issues with the community or the Foundation.

A full list of tags is here.


Thx. This is great. I would also like to compliment your work in general it is unbelievably high quality every time. Imo the community will benefit greatly from your efforts. Thx again.