FOX (Shapeshift) airdrop excludes MKR held in voting contract

Pretty ironic that the FOX airdrop excludes MKR holders with their MKR in the voting contract. Not really rewarding the people it should be, since now only traders or non-active participants will get it.


Yep. Already noticed that!


Seems like other DeFi tokens that are staked are also excluded. Unfortunate indeed but interesting how they are moving into DAO

I think some of these protocols are using the old snapshot of MKR token holders in the old chief contract–the same thing happen with I believe StakeDAO (Rekt newsletter) and a few others–not sure why…


I think it’s a stretch to say these are “staked.” They are being escrowed in a voting contract which enables you to participate in the governance of the platform. This would also apply to CRV locked into veCRV, but at least that’s getting a revenue stream.

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Well, I’m already finding out that I didn’t receive anything :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is such baloney! Well, gotta feel for those guys, especially since their exchange got rekt after the WSJ published about North Koreans using the site.

The negative side of me says this looks like a cash out opportunity by SS insiders and employees to the “community”. But who knows.