Framing a Framework for MKR Compensation - Wednesday, March 31 17:00 UTC

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Framing a Framework for MKR Compensation

What’s this?

The budget proposal for the Smart Contracts CU prompted a rather heated conversation about MKR as compensation. Arguments for and against can be found under the budget proposal post and here.

This is a free-for-all. Join us and have your say :smiley:

As usual, @juan will be doing the hosting :heart:

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Meeting ID: 829 4277 3725
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Attn : @amyjung, @aaron_bartsch, @galabasquer, @prose11, @iammeeoh, @reuptaken, @zenithlight, @astronautthis, @g_dip, @Planet_x, @SebVentures, @davidutro, @derek, @mrabino1





:point_up:t3:We need a diverse yet small working group that can discuss and get to an agreement; the target is to create a couple of working proposals that Governance can vote on.

Next Steps

  1. @juanjuan to summarize today’s call & proposed Working Group Representative List (this post).
  2. There will be separate forum threads for each Representative Group so anyone can propose themselves as a Representative > these will be decided within that group. (Coming soon, and will be linked bellow).
  3. Core Units in RFC. Public Draft, or that have been Approved can go to @amyjung or @juanjuan or we will reach out to get the sentiment on how they want to move forward with incentives/MKR while the overarching framework is being defined.

Working Group: Composition

– Links to the specific forum posts coming –

  1. Current Core Unit Representative
  2. Proposed Core Unit Representative - Facilitator or Contributor
  3. 3rd Party
  4. Large MKR holder
  5. Community Member (low or no MKR)

Watch the replay Framework for MKR Compensation - March 31, 2021


As a follow up, Operational Support has been reaching out to Core Units in RFC, Public Draft , and Approved to get the sentiment on if they’re willing/how they want to move forward with incentives/MKR while the overarching framework is being defined. Below is the summary of current sentiments. This ongoing document outlines more detailed answers. This comment thread will be updated with more core unit responses.


  1. Are/were you planning to include vesting in your core unit?
  2. What are some of your expectations on vesting for your core unit? (Details around amounts, time frame, structure, etc will be helpful)
  3. Would you be willing to wait for a higher level framework from the working group?
  4. If so, what timeframe are you willing to wait for a framework to develop?
  5. Are you willing to adapt to the framework that is developed?

Current Positions

Name Core Unit Position Comments
Derek Protocol Engineering Maybe Moving forward with the proposal in place. If the WG comes up with a competitive framework then we will for sure assess.
SebVentures RWF Yes Waiting for WG Framework, looking for something quick and fair.
Wouter/Juan SES Maybe Will hold off until Freeze Day ~ 3 Weeks
Kathleen Strategic Marccoms Yes The team is flexible to adjust its incentives when a higher-level framework is developed. Looking for end of year.
LongforWisdom GovAlpha Yes Willing to wait for WG Framework til it’s done, or it’s decided one is not needed.
Doopson Risk Yes Mostly fine to go with WG solution, ideally solution is “1 month before next possible adjustment for our quarterly budget… I may only not like to correlate MKR bonus with Maker’s performance, which would have some conflict of interest problems for Risk.”
Seth Content Production Yes It would help our proposed hiring process if we could get something figured out by the end of May.
Nadia Growth
Coulter Maker Store Not doing any sort of MKR comp.

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