Friday 24th September 2021 Executive Spell L2 Technical Detail

Friday 24th September 2021 Executive Spell L2 Technical Detail

In this week’s executive there is a Layer2 component included in the spell that will test the configuration of the L2 bridge; including the governance relay and Layer 2 DAI.

This will be done on Optimism and Arbitrum:

 address guy = 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000;


This will test the configuration of L2 components, including the governance relay and L2 DAI by calling the following addresses:

// L2 Test Spells
    address constant OPTIMISM_L1_GOVERNANCE_RELAY         = 0x09B354CDA89203BB7B3131CC728dFa06ab09Ae2F;
    address constant OPTIMISM_L2_SPELL                    = 0x71d75C3D100D14d4db0cE7a83d0De48ecEC32D19;
    address constant ARBITRUM_L1_GOVERNANCE_RELAY         = 0x9ba25c289e351779E0D481Ba37489317c34A899d;
    address constant ARBITRUM_L2_SPELL                    = 0xAeFc25750d8C2bd331293076E2DC5d5ad414b4a2;

By doing so, the executive will perform an L2 noop (no-operation) spell that rely's the 0x0 address to test that Governance has full control.

// Perform a Test Spell on Optimism
            OPTIMISM_L2_SPELL,                /* target */
            abi.encodeWithSignature("act()"), /* targetData */
            3000000                           /* l2gas */

        // Perform a Test Spell on Arbitrum
            ARBITRUM_L2_SPELL,                /* target */
            abi.encodeWithSignature("act()"), /* targetData */
            680168429264,                     /* l1CallValue */
            0,                                /* maxGas */
            0,                                /* gasPriceBid */
            680168429264                      /* maxSubmissionCost */

Once the above is confirmed, PECU will manually deny its deployer address, ensuring that going forward, Governance will be the only authority retaining control of the token bridge.


Understood. This will be confirmed here, on this thread, or via Rocket Chat? Will it also be included/confirmed in the description of the Executive?

BTW you might want to pin this…

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Yup, a summary of this info will be on the Executive copy. We wanted to have this thread available so people could ask questions or get clarification before voting.

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Executive Proposal is live and can be found here :slight_smile: