Fund gitcoin grant to build vault compensation smart contract

I created a github issue to build the software we need to get compensation to vault holders. We can make this happen with a gitcoin bounty funded by an executive vote.

I suggest 5000 DAI for 40 hours of work.

Who can code the spell to make this happen?

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This is a good idea, though the number seems a bit low. Also, perhaps an additional grant for an audit by Zeppelin is warranted.

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Sure, I welcome discussion along these lines. How much should we budget for an audit? I expect the code to be really simple. Maybe the audit could be completed in 1 day.

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Not sure – I’m unfamiliar with their pricing. But you’re right, it can’t take them much time.

Ugh, actually we still need to estimate the amount of compensation. So this part of the project is deferred. See Maker MCD Ethereum System Liquidation report and Black Thursday Compensation Analysis

Nevermind. After further consideration, I think we’re good to go.