[G-UNI DAI / USDC 0.01% tier] Onboard G-UNI for UniV3's new 0.01% fee tier

Why not just have no oracle at all. The edge case of USDC failing is not something that can or should be captured with a price oracle IMO, that needs to be a conscious governance decision.


Would 0.05 - 0.1% stability fee and no oracle updates be possible here? Given those parameters, the vault will definitely be quite attractive and drive liquidity over the long term

The oracle appreciates in value slowly, but it needs to be taken into account over a long period or the fees will just drop the “value” of the position below the liquidation ratio. It will appear as if the positions are underwater in a year or so.

I think the middle-ground of having infrequently updated oracles is optimal here.


With the latest executive spell being executed today, the .01% pool is now live in the protocol as GUNIV3DAIUSDC2-A.

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