Getting the spells

I am working on a MakerDao project where I need to show the list of spells, but I have not been able to understand how I should use the smart contracts necessary to do it, does anyone know any open code where it is shown how to show them? or maybe someone can help me on how to get them?

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It might be a bit complicated to do this on chain, but you can look up the slates mapping, which represents lists of proposals (aka spells) in the Ds-Chief (the Maker Governance contract). I think you might need to monitor the “note” events, to get the hash to lookup slates in the mapping.

Technical docs for Ds-Chief can be found here.

The @data-insights-cu might have an API endpoint where you can fetch the spell addresses off chain. An example of this is the Vote Tracker.

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Thanks @lollike!

@Yanier_Alfonso, we are polishing off the new API where you’ll be able to query for historical spells (and other votes). I’ll ping you in this post when we release it.

In the meantime, let us know if you need a data extract and it’d be great if you can tell us a bit more what you’re doing (both curiosity and to check whether our dataset will suffice).


oh thanks, @tadeo
sure, we need to show spell information such as: title, creation date, change count, status, link in etherscan and changes: name of guarantees, parameter, old values ​​and new values.

I would like to know if you have an estimate on the date that your api could come out for production? And also if it is free code or under what terms it could be used?

thanks @lollike , I’m already looking at the information.

hi! @lollike, In the case of this link I was looking at that they obtain the information from this api: You have information about it, you know where I can find your code or is it free?

What do you mean by “name of guarantees”?

We should have the API ready next week! We can provide the spell details apart from the creation date (working on it).

The system parameter changes we are planning to deliver later this month.

The @dux-core-unit maintains so they might be able to support you better.

This is our API :slight_smile: and yes, we provide for free to the entire community.

I wanted to say name of collateral

Hey Yanier, I think you should be able to use the API @tadeo mentioned earlier—that sounds like the easiest and most robust method for fetching this data.

If you want to learn how we currently fetch the data (for example on then feel free to join the Discord server of my team—we’d be happy to help you out!


@tadeo , in , is it possible to access the repository?

sure @0xdeniz an join me and to learn how fetch the data, similar to, it is a good choice for me

Absolutely, this is the repo for the UI.

Hi @tadeo , If at any time during these days you have a few minutes to have a short meeting, you can let me know. I think I’m needing a little stronger help, anyway what we talk about I will document it in this post for the whole community. thank you anyway

Would love to! You can book yourself here: Calendly - tadeo.

I’d be great if when booking you can write a bit of the topics you want to cover so I can make sure to involve other people if necessary :slight_smile: .

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Hi @tadeo, thank you very much for your support on this! Giving below a brief on what we’re doing and what’s the problem about.

I’m working together with @Yanier_Alfonso on the project in question, which is a Status UI about MakerDAO governance parameters and Spells. You can see a first version (still WIP here):

We were using initially (that’s the version there for the spells) same APIs used by Catflip ( DeFi governance stats ), but that API is failing or outdated (plus it is a quite weird way to get information, which is merging info from 2 APIs).

I’ll schedule the call, both @Yanier_Alfonso and me could be there.

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We’ve published the Data API, I’ll leave the link to the forum post: Implementation of the new Data API.

If you don’t get a chance to test it before our meeting tomorrow don’t worry, we’ll be happy to do a walkthrough.

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