Gitcoin Grants Round 8: What are people excited about?

Hey All,

I am going to be throwing a few DAI into the most recent Gitcoin Grants funding round. I’m particularly interested in contributing to the Infrastructure grants but I am not all that techy and some of it is over my head. I think I am far less immersed in the ETH world than others here so I wanted to leverage the fantastic community we have going to crowdsource some crowdfunding ideas.

Hopefully this can be an open thread for people to share their thoughts on the recent funding round and pitch why they are excited about certain projects/ grants.




If anyone is interested in (quadratic) Gitcoin funding, Vitalik’s post after every round, is a nice read.

I think we should listen to Vitalik regarding overfunding specific projects (he mentions Bankless and samczun).

I also think everyone who is crowdfunded (in significant amount), should provide yearly report, so people can adjust their donations.

1 Like - this tweet says it better than i can: - austin regularly mentors devs looking to break into the web3 space and is always shipping fast and working on interesting open source tools and prototypes - front end for flash loans - open source privacy respecting portfolio tracking


a lobbying firm in washington dc that aims to educate US policy makers on public blockchain tech


Is it a topic to share our grant ? if yes i’d be happy to share mine if people here are happy to support my work.

Thanks for the thoughts. Looks like this grant is not part of Round 8 though!

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I’m sharing mine. Not about infrastructure but about communication and vulgarisation

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Following up on this ZeroCool recommendation: Super cool 21,000 DAI Donation matching trend to the Gitcoin Coin Center Grant started via Twitter by, I believe Meeseeking, with matching donations from *Mike McD., Rune, Bramanathan, Fernando Martinelli, and I’m sure others! *

If possible, Please Donate–We are going to need All the help we can get when educating Governments about our beloved pastime.

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