GovAlpha Administered Multi-sig

As per MIP47, GovAlpha would like to disclose the details of their multi-sig such that it can be considered owned by Maker Governance.

A ledger spreadsheet exists and will be shared in the near future, we’re currently trying to figure out how much information should be shared publicly and how much should be obfuscated to maintain contributors and grantee’s privacy.

Multi-sig Address: 0x01D26f8c5cC009868A4BF66E268c17B057fF7A73

  • @LongForWisdom : 0x66f40F044E0e2F77bB746e3275E82e88dCBA2D69
  • @prose11 : 0xf3ED2bdeBa77940E6759B806cd55CE20cAE369BE

Per MIP47c1:

  • Governance must be able to revoke funding and permissions from approved multi-sigs at any time.

You can check the spending limit section here. The DSPauseProxy Contract is allowed up to 1B DAI.

  • Signatory requirements providing no less than ⅔ of listed signatories to sign off on an action.

It’s a 2 of 2 mult-sig currently, with @LongForWisdom and @prose11 as keyholders.

All signers must be tagged on the forum and their willingness to be included in the Multi-Sig publicly confirmed.


A representative for the Multi-Sig must be designated as an official point of contact.

@LongForWisdom is the primary contact.

There must be a clear and public explanation of the purpose and scope of the Multi-Sig.

Administering funds designated by Maker Governance to be spent to achieve the GovAlpha Core Unit mandate.

A clearly defined process for onboarding and offboarding signatories.

Facilitators of GovAlpha will be added as keyholders to this multi-sig. Signatory requirements will be adjusted as necessary to maintain 2/3rd signers wherever possible. In certain circumstances members of GovAlpha may be added as keyholders at the existing facilitators discretion to maintain an adequate level of security for administered funds.

  • A wallet address to be whitelisted.


Following an approved Governance action that involves a newly recognized Multi-Sig, the information provided will be added to a list of recognized Multi-Sig Wallets.

@MIP-Editors please add this to the list when appropriate.


Whoops, liked the post but forgot to confirm.

That’s my permission address and I have been successfully added to the multi-sig :slight_smile:


GovAlpha will use this multi-sig for budget distributions for the month of June onwards.

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