GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-05-27

So going forward we’re planning to take the lead from some of the other Core Units and produce a forum version of our CU update.

Reactionary Stuff

External Governance Stuff


  • Working with Foundation Frontend Team to confirm UX Design for Delegation
  • Considering contents of a Code-of-Conduct for Recognised Delegates (thanks to @mrabino1 for his contribution.)
  • Speaking to some VC’s about delegation utility and use-cases.

MIPs Portal

  • Work slowed down a little in the tail end of May, should ramp up again in June.
  • At a point where most of the functionality is there, just needs some tidying up and work on our side to get the content working well.

Maker Operational Manual (Governance Documentation)

  • Currently considering layout and breakdown of this page.
  • Still non-public, and needs some more work before we’ll unveil.


  • Payton working with Seth to figure out how to boost Cred for specific categories and tags. Progress slow, more complex than it sounds.
  • Confirming details of a technical proposal to move some of the SourceCred infrastructure on-chain.


  • LFW sorting out categories a bit, adding descriptions, bring groups up-to-date.
  • Added SES group, along with icons and such. Congratulations to SES!

Other External Stuff

Internal GovAlpha Stuff


  • Figuring out how best to onboard people. Ongoing, has been difficult in the past.
  • Hopefully will be able to put up some ‘Help Wanted’ post next week.

Weekly Assignments


  • Setting up GovAlpha multi-sig. See here: GovAlpha Administered Multi-sig
  • More transparency coming soon.
  • Will soon move operating funds from Interim Multi-Sig to GovAlpha Multi-Sig.

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