GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-06-04

3 Point Update

  • UX Design for Delegation is complete.
  • GovAlpha Multi-sig fully setup and separated from interim budget multi-sig.
  • GovAlpha onboarding plans proceeding quickly (forum post soon.)

External Governance Stuff


  • UX Design for Delegation more or less confirmed, will be chasing up next steps this evening.
  • A couple of new prospective delegates joined delegates group. If you’re interested, please get in touch.

MIPs Portal

  • Work ramping up again going forward, big list of pending feedback for dSpot to work on.
  • @blimpa has been working hard on making this more awesome, working both with dSpot on the UX side, and with @Davidutro and @charlesstlouis on the MIPs Content side.

Maker Operational Manual (Governance Documentation)

  • Posted forum thread to solicit input on structure and contents.
  • Still non-public, and needs some more work before we’ll unveil.


  • Payton working with Seth to figure out how to boost Cred for specific categories and tags. Progress slow, more complex than it sounds.
  • SourceCred lying low in June, back in July.
  • Confirmed details of coming technical work to move SourceCred infrastructure on-chain.


  • Not too much progress here - lots of stuff half-done, but relatively low priority so has gone on the backburner this week.

Other External Stuff

Internal GovAlpha Stuff


  • Figuring out how best to onboard people. Ongoing, has been difficult in the past.
  • ‘Help Wanted’ post is written, pending feedback before posting.

Weekly Assignments


  • GovAlpha multi-sig is setup and funds moved to that wallet instead of the Interim Budget Multi-sig. See here: GovAlpha Administered Multi-sig
  • @LongForWisdom and @prose11 spent some time setting up and testing mechanism to do batch payment for contributors.
  • More transparency on accounting and spending coming soon. Just need to figure out the appropriate level of privacy for contributors.