GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-06-10

3 Point Update

  • First distributions made from the GovAlpha Multi-sig
  • LongForWisdom is on holiday, @prose11 has been taking care of Governance things and attending meetings in his place.
  • GovAlpha onboarding plans going well, met with Talent Unit from the SES Incubation program (forum post soon.)

External Governance Stuff


  • UX Design for Delegation more or less confirmed, will be dUX Incubation Unit’s first priority.
  • If you’re interested in being a delegate, please get in touch.


  • Payton working with Seth to figure out how to boost Cred for specific categories and tags. Progress slow, more complex than it sounds.
  • @ElProgreso posted in #speculation about upping the payouts for SourceCred, we’re happy to say this increase is already planned for in our Quarterly Budget, going up for vote on Monday

Public Calls

Other External Stuff

  • @prose11 - Helping coordinate various community working groups, networking in Kernel Block III.
  • @blimpa working on new views for the MIPs Portal with DSpot

Internal GovAlpha Stuff


  • Met with Talent Incubator Unit about GovAlpha’s needs.
  • Connected with @Gala about taking on more assignments for GovAlpha
  • ‘Help Wanted’ post is written, pending feedback before posting.

Polls + Templates


Weekly Assignments


Love to hear that SourceCred is going up for a vote. Hope it passes.

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