GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-06-17


  • Onboarding Post is now public! If you’re interested in helping out at GovAlpha, please get in touch with @LongForWisdom or @prose11.
  • Upcoming Quarterly Review for GovAlpha’s first quarter of operation. This will be posted close to the end of June.

External Governance Stuff


  • No significant updates.


  • Further work on ‘governance boost’ area. Despite difficulties, @prose11 feels that we are quite close now. Hoping to publish something next week.

MIPs Portal

  • No significant updates.

Other External Stuff

Internal GovAlpha Stuff

  • @LongForWisdom catching up on stuff that happened last week in my absence.



  • @LongForWisdom - created maintainable public version of GovAlpha expenditure and accounts. Will be shared very shortly.
  • @prose11 + @LongForWisdom - Initial thoughts on GovAlpha’s first Quarterly Review document.

Polls + Templates

  • Further work on monthly ratification templates by @LongForWisdom, minor changes to other poll templates.


  • @blimpa - Working on MIP proposal documentation.

Weekly Assignments


To be honest, this wasn’t a terribly productive week for GovAlpha, unfortunately we got sucked into a bit of moderation and mediation work around RWA which ended up being quite time consuming. In combination with some of my time being spent catching up after my absence and our recurring responsibilities, this didn’t leave time for much meaningful progress.

We’re hoping to be able to spend more time on our various projects next week.

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