GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-07-08


  • Onboarding is moving along at a refreshing pace. We have new Core Unit contributors and @prose11 (it me) is taking on more facilitator duties previously owned by @LongForWisdom.
  • New version of the MIPs Portal is live, check it out! Thanks to DSpot and @blimpa for all work that made this update possible.
  • Our Quarterly Review for our first 3 months as the GovAlpha Core Unit has been published, take a look to see all our successes and failures and why we only spent a fraction of our Quarterly Budget.

External Governance Stuff


  • Meeting organized with potential delegate group again next week.
  • Working on getting delegate statements to go on the forum so MKR holders can more easily decide where they’d like to delegate their votes.

Voting Front End

  • New process for Executive Votes and Polls in in place, with @prose11 able to add polls to the front end from his permissioned address.
  • Thanks to dUX for all the work, designs are underway for voting delegation on the front end too.


  • You might have noticed the new forum banner with some helpful tips and reminders.
  • Working on framework to make tags more efficient/helpful to readers.

MIPs Quality + Process

  • Created new system for assigning new MIPs to the MIPs Editors and a checklist to help authors throughout the submission period.
  • @blimpa has fixed a number of images within the MIPs to display properly on the portal.

Internal Governance Stuff

  • @prose11 has completed his almost cross country move. Now in UTC -6, so you might see some shift in times around the forum/chat.
  • Payments went out from the GovAlpha Multi-Sig.
  • Work continues on developing a Snapshot integration to allow for weighted polls.
  • Documentation on MIPs submitting and SourceCred Onchain Technical Proposal in the works.

Weekly Assignments


Wow @Sebix felicades bro!!! eres un crack


Hehe, gracias @saludiego_201 . ¡Estoy intentando ayudar todo lo que puedo! :muscle:


Que buena noticia Sebix todos los exitos para ti :muscle:

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