GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-07-15


  • Work on delegation continues. Now have a launch date of 2021-08-02. Announce post will come soon, probably on Monday. Meet your delegates meetings will be scheduled in the next few weeks. More forum stuff and docs will be made public soon.
  • Several SourceCred things either here or coming. Technical design here: SourceCred Onchain Technical Design, and more details on Governance Boost work coming very soon.
  • Working with Derek on Coordination sheet for Mandated Actors + Governance to help make transparent what everyone is working on, and the state that it’s in.

External Governance Stuff

@prose11 working on a number of forum posts aimed to boost transparency of what’s going on in GovAlpha. First one here: Weekly Cadence for the GovAlpha Core Unit

@blimpa continuing to work on the MIPs, fixing issues, making improvements, and creating documentation.


  • @LongForWisdom working on several documents that will serve as a guide to delegates and MKR Holders.
  • @LongForWisdom working on announce and launch posts for delegation within Maker.
  • Meeting with prospective delegates later today, sorting out what they need to do and when for launch. Generally answering questions and debating any issues that crop up.


  • @prose11 working on SourceCred boost forum post and implementation.


  • @mkrorbkr producing more parameter documentation to do in the Maker Operational Manual (that still hasn’t launched.)
  • @AstronautThis revamping our signal process documentation with the help of @ultraschuppi.

Vote Participation


  • @prose11 working with several other CU’s and individuals with the goal of getting snapshot up and running for Maker.

Other External Stuff

Mandated Actors Coordination

  • @LongForWisdom and @Derek working on coordination sheet for mandated actors. Hoping to make public very soon. Should help both mandated actors keep track of multi-CU projects, and also help governance keep track of various initiatives.

Internal Governance Stuff

Weekly Assignments


Snapshot is looking to replace manual Signal Requests?

We’re not looking to replace anything initially, but we’re interested in having it available and doing some trial stuff with it. It feels like a good tool to have in addition to our existing tools.


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