GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-07-22


  • Vote Delegation has been announced, along with the Recognised Delegate Requirements, and the Recognised Delegate Code of Conduct. Huge props to @LongForWisdom for managing the delegation process and all the documentation work.
  • Budget drafting has begun with the intent to file a 6-month budget by the August 11th cut-off for the September Governance Cycle.
  • Last weekend a replacement executive spell was put up through collaboration with GovAlpha and Protocol Engineering. You can read the Governance Report detailing what happened and lessons learned for similar situations in the future.

External Governance Stuff

MIPs Portal
@blimpa has been working closely with DSpot to upgrade the MIPs Portal. Keep an eye out for the latest version launching today, featuring subproposal groupings and new menu options. :slight_smile:

In addition to the documentation work, @LongForWisdom has been crushing, the first Meet Your Delegate call has been scheduled for July 28th @ 18:00 UTC. Come participate and see what @ElProgreso, @PaperImperium, and @twblack88 have to offer as delegates.

VC Communications
A separate task has been added to the GovAlpha weekly assignments list for communication on voting events with VCs. While this has been done by @LongForWisdom solely in the past, the split effort among facilitators has brought increased participation to this month’s Ratification Polls.

@prose11 continues his efforts to bring a Governance Boost to the SourceCred algorithm. A revised batch of parameters has been sent over to the SourceCred team for data verification. Additionally, GovAlpha is coordinating a meeting to touch base on future payment administration and the Onchain Technical Design detailed last week.

Internal Governance Stuff

  • Onboarding tasks continue for @Sebix, @AstronautThis, and @mkrorbkr. @Gala has started doing some initial Forum and MIPs tasks.
  • It’s budget time again. @LongForWisdom and @prose11 have started their list, will be checking it twice, and consulting with the rest of the Core Unit before publishing the subproposal.

Weekly Assignments


I can’t wait to see it in operation and know that it will be great from the start!!!

Huge props to everyone who was responsible for bringing vote delegation to MakerDAO. This should ameliorate the voter apathy problem.


Quoting Uncle Ben “With great power comes great responsibility”.

That delegates be aligned to the voters they represent.