GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-07-29


  • Vote Delegation is set to soft-launch on August 2nd. The Recognised Delegates have begun publishing their delegate platforms.
  • We had the first meet your delegate meeting this week, and have another next week. Good turnout and interesting questions and both delegates were very professional. Thanks to @PaperImperium and @ElProgreso. Next week we have @twblack88 and @Planet_X (same time.)
  • @Sebix has started to take a look at the tags on the Maker forum, with the goal of figuring out how to make them more useful, better organized and less sprawling.

External Governance Stuff

Proceeding well, see highlights above.

MIPs Portal
Work continues on bug-fixing and additional features. Nothing super new to call out here, just lots of fantastic incremental progress.

Forum Tags
@Sebix working on figuring out an improved framework for tags. We’ve set some general goals, and he’s going to be suggesting changes to meet those goals.

In the process of setting up snapshot for Maker, with the assistance of DUX and @tmierzwa. ENS domain secured for testing.

Still making slow progress on Governance Boost - don’t want to break anything while attempting to improve it. Discussed on-chain technical design again this week. SourceCred have been going through some growing pains, but still confident they can deliver this.

Internal Governance Stuff

  • Onboarding tasks continue for @Sebix, @AstronautThis, and @Patrick_J. @Gala has started doing some initial Forum and MIPs tasks.
  • Budget drafting is in progress with the intent to publish a 6-month budget by the August 11th cut-off for the September Governance Cycle.

Weekly Assignments


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