GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-08-12


  • We’ve now had our third Meet Your Delegate call, and for the time being we’ve run out of prospective recognised delegates. Next steps are to sort out participation and communication tracking for Recognised Delegates, and continue to push for integrations of the delegate contracts with custody providers such that larger MKR Holders can vote securely.
  • Our combined Q4 2021 and Q1 2022 Budget is now up on the forum, covers the next 6 months. In general we’re moving towards longer budgets, aiming for 12 months, with the goal that Governance only needs to deal with this once a year.
  • @Gala is helping us organise and make concrete progress on launching the Maker Operational Manual, a set of documentation written for the individuals, groups and delegates that make up Maker Governance.
  • Pablo is now a full MIP Editor! Congratulations @blimpa!

External Governance Stuff

Proceeding well, see highlights above.

MIPs Portal
Work continues on bug-fixing and additional features.

Proceeding nicely. @LongForWisdom looked over the admin and settings stuff since last week and looked over the functionality. Looks very useful. Particularly it implements approval voting, which is really useful.

Tags and Forum
Continued work on this from Sebix.

Maker Operational Manual
See above, but this is now proceeding much more effectively thanks to Gala. Also using these tasks as stuff to onboard @Gala, @AstronautThis and @Patrick_J.

Remains stalled. Nothing too much to report here.

Video Production
In the process of putting together frameworks for educational videos to help people understand the Maker Governance framework and some of the key parts of the DAO. These will be handed off to @Content-Production for production once done.

Random other stuff

Handing off some responsibilities to GovComms
Things like ‘forum at a glance’ are being handed over where possible. Also giving them more responsibility on communicating the mandated actors discussions and work items going forward.

Working on DAI Supply
@LongForWisdom spending some time figuring out possibilities for DAI minting and trying to understand the costs they impose on MakerDAO.

Trying to figure out how to make GovAlpha more effective with communication between facilitators and effectively dealing with contributors that come from timezones across the planet.

Weekly Assignments


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