GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-08-19



  • We’ve begun tracking delegates participation and communication metrics - currently these are both manually checked by GovAlpha, in the future participation will be automatic, but comms will probably remain manual. Thanks to @Sebix for helping with this.
  • Still working on getting custody platform integration moving so we can expand the MKR available to delegate. Putting pressure on platforms via speaking to VC’s, DUX offering integration help, the delegates themselves on twitter and potentially now the @Growth-Core-Unit.

Maker Operational Manual

  • Making concrete progress on the Maker Operational Manual under @gala’s management.
  • @Patrick_J and @AstronautThis producing parameter documentation for the RWA vault parameters and finally covering the Flap and Flop parameters. @LongForWisdom reviewing.
  • @prose11 documenting the governance vote hash-checking process.
  • Someone on PE (I think @Derek?) working on updating the executive audit documentation to cover the DssExecLib stuff.


  • @Sebix now spending the majority of his working-time with us and looking to take on more projects in the coming weeks. Looking to expand into MIPs and forum organisation stuff.
  • @Gala working well on the Maker Operational Manual, may try to expand responsibilities here as her availability allows.
  • @AstronautThis and @Patrick_J spending additional time on documentation. Moving around our weekly meeting to accommodate more time zones so these guys can sync more effectively with the team.
  • A couple of leads on additional recruits, too early to say anything either way.

Other Governance stuff

MIPs Portal
Work continues on bug-fixing and additional features. Progress is steady.

Proceeding nicely, currently DUX planning to work on creating voting strategies (required to have snapshot pick up votes from MKR in the Chief, being delegated, in VoteProxy’s etc.

Video Production
Process continues, we now have a set deadline from Content Production, so sketching out what goes in these videos over the next month.

Other Non-Governance Stuff

MKR Compensation
@prose11 working on this over the next few weeks.

Working on DAI Supply
@LongForWisdom spending some time figuring out possibilities for DAI minting and trying to understand the costs they impose on MakerDAO.

@LongForWisdom away for next week (23rd - 30th)

Weekly Assignments


Eager to hear what comes out of these two.

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