GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-08-26


  • @prose11 synced up with DUX to go over how GovAlpha uses the Voter Portal and what tools and additions could help GovAlpha
  • @Sebix has been working on forum organization, taking on the mammoth task of classifying the many tags and finding new Discourse Plug-ins to make finding information easier.
  • Delegation showing up strong this week, with 2 Executives passed and over 55k MKR delegated to our Recognized Delegates :muscle:
  • We won’t interrupt his R&R w/ a tag, but LongForWisdom is on vacation this week, so please direct any Governance questions and concerns to me (at least until Monday :wink: )


  • There was a minor delay in getting this week’s executive posted but it was still able to pass within a few days.
  • Mandated Actors discussed not having an Executive proposal for this week again, a more detailed post will be put up after today’s Governance and Risk Call.



  • Governance Boost has been further delayed :frowning: we’re giving our model of incentivizing Signal Requests and MIPs one more go, but will be exploring other options for further incentivizing Governance posts in the forum if we’re unable to find a satisfactory algorithm tweak.
  • On the brighter side, work on the Onchain Technical Design is moving along on schedule, following a meeting to review some code with @NikKunkel and the SourceCred (Kevin and @s_ben <3)


  • @blimpa has been hard at work, updating repos, fixing typos and formatting to keep our MIPs looking clean.
  • Additionly, Pablo has met with DSpot for the latest push to the MIPs Repo fixing some minor bugs and improving menu selection.

Continuing Maker Operational Manual (MOM) Work

  • Not much to update from last week, but worth noting the PRs and contined drafting/editing/and PM work dont by @Gala , @Patrick_J , and @AstronautThis ! Really appreciate these awesome contributions :slight_smile:

Weekly Assignments


Delegate feature request: Can you add the number of MKR owned by the delegate? Currently, the UI only shows the amount delegated which can be different from the total voting weight.

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I don’t know how meaningful that would be – the delegate may have delegated to themselves (from another address), or may just keep their own voting separate.

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Hm yeah, does the delegate UI encourage delegates to delegate to themselves? That seems like a good idea that may not be obvious. It wasn’t obvious to me.

I want to highlight this achievement. In a decentralized way, MKR holders have nominated @PaperImperium and @Planet_X to act as co-CEOs of MakerDAO. Contrary to most other elections, there is no term and no need for a term limit. MKR holders can withdraw or reassign their support at any time. I feel like this is really a novel leadership model, and I’m proud to be a part of it!

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How cool, it would be brutal to see that change and be able to save Maker some ETH.

In fact we miss the weekly updates from @s_ben :confused: it was interesting to see how week by week that Podium

Here you go!

Glad you appreciate the weekly posts. I’ve been pretty slammed lately between internal SourceCred stuff and other SourceCred-related work for Maker, so have been doing bi-weekly for a couple months. In part because the engagement on those posts has trailed off a bit, but if there’s demand, down to continue weekly.

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