GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-09-02


  • Onboarding has been going particularly well this past week, in part thanks to an internal switch to host two weekly syncs for our members at different times to accommodate our global team composition. @TheExistence also started doing some work for us, so say hello if you see him on the forums or Rocket Chat :slight_smile:
  • The Maker Operational Manual is coming along nicely, shoutouts to @Gala @AstronautThis and @mkrorbkr for your recent contributions.
  • @LongForWisdom is exploring how Core Units can better understand Project Priority from voters/the community at large.

Tags and the Forum

  • Not too much to update on, but wanted to shout out @Sebix for continuing the Tags grind. Classifying tags to create parent/child groups and eliminate seldom-used options is no short work.
  • We have asked Tech-Ops about implementing a new Forum plug-in based on @Sebix’s research and suggestions.

MIP World

  • @blimpa continues the excellent work coordinating with DSpot on the MIPs Portal and he realllllly wants you to utilize the feedback feature (bottom right of the site)
  • Additionally, another round of formal submissions is upon us! If you have recently written a MIP keep an eye on your DMs as @blimpa will be contacting you to confirm the submission status.

Video Content Collaboration

DssVest Communication and Documentation

  • A lot of time and effort has been put into coordination efforts for launching DssVest on tomorrow’s executive. Upsides and Downsides were discussed amount the Mandated actors for various implementations of MKR vesting for Core Units that have had plans approved.
  • @prose11 met with @brianmcmichael for a walkthrough of the code. Prose will be writing documentation for the community as well as the current and future Core Units that might wish to utilize DssVest for DAI or MKR distributions.

Snapshot/Staffing Update

  • @Elihu will be taking some time off this month and has passed the Snapshot Project over to @prose11. We’ve hit a few hurdles but thanks to the help of DUX and TokenFlow we’re back to brainstorming solutions.

Weekly Assignments