GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-10-07


  • @prose11 is back from his week off :slight_smile:
  • @Sebix eliminated over 300 seldom used tags on the forum.
  • @mkrorbkr has drafted an updated Delegate Metric Tracking sheet to better capture Delegate Communication.

Other Projects

Maker Operational Manual

  • @gala has been hard at work, creating a repo to use for a GitBooks iteration Coming Soon :tm:


  • @TheExistence met with @s_ben to get better aquatinted with Maker’s SourceCred instance.
  • Looking into displaying Cred scores on the forum.
  • On-Chain Distribution work is on pause (still looking for an audit).


RocketChat Migration

  • @LongForWisdom continues to take the lead for GovAlpha, collaborating with @Davidutro , @seth , and @dumitru to deliver a new chat platform (Discord Server) to the community by the end of the month.

Weekly Assignments


Any updates on the parameters folks will need to follow in order to join the future Maker Discord channel? Will it involve a basic Captcha, or has the team discover distinctive ways to keep spammers out? I truly believe NFT guarded Discord Channels will be a thing to combat such.

That would be cool, it would be like seeing who is more efficient at collaborating.

Do you think it helps the efficiency of the content posted on the forum?

Do you think it is positive?

I have been wondering about this for several days.

Hi! It is definitely something that we should explore and that can turn out to be something positive. It could be implemented through a badge that is updated monthly.

Like any indicator, what it would do is provide us with more information. In this case it would allow us to see clearly who is who and to have more information when we interact, which could favor the discussion.