GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-11-12

GovAlpha Weekly Update

Hello folks! Wanted to start off with an acknowledgment that I’ve been dropping the ball on the Weekly Updates lately. Wanted to thank @LongForWisdom for staying diligent and his patience with me. They’ll be a bit more at the bottom of this post, but wanted to apologize to the community for the recent lack of communication.


  • @LongForWisdom is rounding up the work on the Maker Operational Manual. Keep an eye out for our soft launch forum post :slight_smile: ! Special thanks to @Gala for getting this project off the ground.
  • @blimpa is putting together a MIP Editor Handbook that focuses on Onboarding. This will greatly aide in getting more MIP editors onboarded to GovAlpha.
  • We’ve been onboarding @ceresbzns as a GovAlpha contributor. Ceres comes from 1Hive, bringing a wealth of DAO experience and some technical knowledge in SourceCred instances. Say hello next time you see them :wave:

Quarterly Focuses


  • Big news this week! Custody platforms have finally added compatibility for MKR Delegation. We expect to see some serious MKR being delegated over the next couple weeks.
  • Delegate Compensation Trail update below, still on track for our first distribution at the end of the month.


  • The Maker Operational Manual coming online is a big step in our goals for more robustness.
  • We’re preparing to onboard more MIP Editors which will offer greater decentralization and redundancy.
  • You might have noticed a new #SourceCred channel in Discord, we have always had a chat with SourceCred, but decided our coordinations could be beneficial to the community and opened up Read access (and emoji reactions :+1: ) to the channel. Currently running a preliminary poll on about instance there.

Internal Developments

  • This week @mkrorbkr took a stab at the Executive Copy and did a great job. Having more members able to accurately draft Executive Copy is a great development for the CU. We look forward to seeing his name on future commits.
  • Thanks to a great call/report from @gov-comms-core-unit , @blimpa has been tidying up the MIPs repo. We have a few action items to unify our communications with the DAO that we will be focusing on this coming week.
  • @Sebix’s PC died :frowning: but we were still able to get some effective work and coordination done. Stay tuned as @Sebix and @prose11 collaborate on a GovAlpha webpage!

Weekly Assignments

External Stuff

  • With the recent poll raising the compensation during the Recognized Delegate Compensation Trail passing, GovAlpha is collaborating with @data-insights-cu to record average MKR voting weight. Distributions will be made to Recognized Delegates at the end of the month.
  • @prose11 met with @Aes to talk about formalizing budget returns. Once this week’s executive is executed our excess budget will be fully returned to the protocol.

Thanks for checking out our weekly update! I’ll be more diligent in ensuring these keep getting posted every week. As mentioned at the top of the post I’ve been struggling personally and organizationally. But this week has been good on both fronts, with me creating a new personal task tracker to ensure obligations like this post don’t fall by the waist side.

On the personal side, I’ve been dealing with mental health struggles exacerbated by some familial circumstances. Wanted to drop a link to some Mental Health Resources for both people facing mental health problems of their own and those around them. I was quite fortunate in that my new insurance made seeking therapy fairly easy. This won’t be the case for everyone, but wanted to plug the importance of reaching out to someone when you’re struggling.

I added this to our update because I don’t think mental health is talked about enough in this space and I hope me being willing to talk about my struggle publicly might open others up to seek the help they need. We have a wonderful community here at Maker and our strong network of personal connections means no one should have to suffer in silence.


Really glad you mention this. I have been side swipped by my wife with physical issues. Already in and out of the hospital twice in past 2 weeks not to mention doctor visits, blood tests etc… So it isn’t just mental health but personal and familial physical. I basically have to do everything including taking care of my wife while we try to kick the healthcare system into actually working to figure out what right now is putting my wife in bed most of the day without energy to do anything (she is out of breath easily, and ends up with muscles that basically act like they have been worked out - that sore pain you get when lactic acid builds up). Tests show seriously low iron, and D3 yet we have been waiting now two weeks to get her in for iron infusions… This hospital can’t do this because of order Y, and insurance and the infusion center taking their own sweet time - reviewing her case. All the while taking care of a 2 and 6 yr old, full time job, and Maker on top and my wife slowly being taken down by what we think is some form of anemia (blood cell counts already below normal range and still falling - but not bad enough for a blood transfusion - yet).

On the bright side I think most of my growth thesis is almost ready to post and even though I have a few components they appear to number around 5. :slight_smile: I am just trying to clean them up before posting.


I just want to point out that mental health is a relative thing and can always be improved. So even if you don’t have an acute need for mental health services, seeing a therapist every week isn’t a bad idea. I don’t consider myself mentally ill (it’s all relative though!), and I see a therapist regularly.