GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2021-11-19

GovAlpha Weekly Update

Quarterly Focuses


  • We are soon to be welcoming two new (kind of) recognized delegates to MakerDAO: @GFXLabs (profile) and @JustinCase (profile). I’d like to extend a warm welcome to JustinCase particularly as the first example of someone new to the MakerDAO community putting themselves forward as a Recognized Delegate.
  • We are also coming up on our first distribution of Recognized Delegate compensation. @mkrorbkr will be taking the lead on coordinating this. We believe we’ve already identified some pain-points with the current structure of the trial compensation and will be following up on those most likely in the new year.


  • @blimpa has been continuing to work on an onboarding manual for potential MIP Editors.
  • @prose11 has been handling contributor onboarding and 1-on-1’s this week.
  • We are continuing to share knowledge within the Core Unit, most recently in the form of writing the executive-copy. @blimpa and @mkrorbkr have both taken turns on that in the past few weeks.

Other Stuff

  • The Maker Operational Manual work is still on-going. New target it to get it launched on by the end of November. We were able to integrate the awesome budget flow diagrams created by @Petru_Catana from SES, big thanks to them for putting that together.
  • @ceresbzns and @TheExistence have continued to work on a ‘governance-in-other-DAOs’ research report.
  • @mkrorbkr has been taking a more active role in managing signals and delegation in the forum the past week.
  • @LongForWisdom posted the ‘governance over the holiday’ post for 2021/2022.
  • @prose11 has been working on drafting GovAlpha’s MKR Compensation budget.

Weekly Assignments