GovAlpha Weekly Update - 2022-01-14

GovAlpha Weekly Update


  • We finally launched the Maker Operational Manual (announcement post here)! Huge thank you to everyone involved, but especially to @Gala for handling the launch and signing up for ongoing management.
  • @LongForWisdom, @prose11 have been spending time planning for the next year of work at GovAlpha. At this stage, primarily identifying priorities and reaching out to other Core Units to organize collaboration and shared work. This week we spoke to @0xdeniz from DUX.

Quarterly Focuses

As we enter Q1 2022, we have two new quarterly focuses - Participation and Exploration. Not too much to report for these yet, but we have some plans which we’ll start talking about and actioning over the coming weeks.

Other Stuff

  • @hernandoagf and @TheExistence have been speaking to @s_ben about the sourcecred payout process and how we can bring all the maintenance work in-house (so to speak.)
  • @Blimpa has been working on a guide for using the MIPs Portal effectively.
  • @Prose11 got stuck with a lot of document reviews and meetings.
  • @mkrorbrkr is know known as @Patrick_J.
  • @LongForWisdom and @Patrick_J working on some new docs for the manual for Flash Mint and D3M Modules.
  • @Gala launching the Maker Operational Manual, and organizing domain redirection, updating templates with new links, etc.
  • @LongForWisdom working on the GovAlpha quarterly review and on the Intangible Asset Assignment MIP.
  • @Sebix working on MIP55 amendments and translating some content for the Operational Manual.

Weekly Assignments