GovComms Bi-Weekly Update: Aug 19 - Sep 02

GovComms Bi-Weekly Update #2

End of our first month, Aug 19 - Sep 02

Administrative Update

Accounting & Payroll

We received our monthly Dai distribution, along with the entirety of the continuous operations fund. We are currently completing our setup with AccountAble and the Professional Employer Organization to get compensation and accounting up and running.

Our team promises to publish accounting actuals during the first week of each month. This will be delayed for August since our setup with AccountAble is still not complete.

Hiring an Engagement Lead

Our efforts here are shared between GovComms and the Talent CU that’s being incubated under SES. So far they have brought us a handful of applicants, with some already interviewed. In parallel, David is also independently sourcing applicants and scheduling interviews for this position.

Applicants are generally few, but I am confident we will find the right person for the role in the coming weeks.

Apply for the position here!

Hiring Summary Team Contributors

Our Public Call Summary Team has been growing, with the introduction of a few new part-time contributors. Welcome, Andrea, Rody, Zainab, and Po!

We are always looking for folks here so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to contribute!

Apply to join us by commenting on this thread!

Work Being Done

Beginnings of the Internal MakerDAO People List

We have started an internal people list, with a public version of this resource planned for the future. The list contains Facilitators, known team members, known part-time contributors, PPG-OMC-001 members, and Recognised Delegates.

Team Update Audit Progress

What began as a Team update audit has now expanded to a general “team information output” audit. The main difference is that we are not isolating written or presented updates. Instead, we are documenting all the ways teams share information. Soon the DAO will have an easier way of comparing Core Unit information sharing practices, and Core Units will learn what they might be doing that others are not, and vice versa. This project will result in actionable recommendations from our team on how we can all come to closer standards for team updates.

Emergency Process Playbook

We spent some time cleaning up the old Emergency Communications Process document and have formulated a plan for what this documentation is and what it should contain. The document previously focused on only one coordination track—communications, when in reality there are several during a given emergency. The updated plan makes this into an all-encompassing Emergency Playbook that contains information on Emergency types, MakerDAO’s threat monitoring practices, the various coordination tracks(and associated processes.) David is spearheading this project, coordinating with other CUs to complete the documentation.

Sharpening Documentation & Workflow

Since the launch of the CU, we have added a ton to our public drive. Supporting documentation around all our active projects is growing with project plans/descriptions, metrics tracking, and workflow process docs coming into existence and being iteratively improved upon.

Starting up Issue Discussion Calls

Once we have a full-time Engagement Lead we will move forward more aggressively with issue discussion calls. In the meantime, our team has begun coordinating the first internal issue discussion call addressing the overconcentration of USDC backing Dai. The intention being that the internal teams review and document all the approaches available and their associated pros/cons/nuances before making some documentation available to the community for further comment. This exercise is being done to understand what the most impactful approaches are and how Maker teams should understand them.

Public Call Summaries

The team has expanded to cover AMA and Focus-On call series.

We are now covering all call series except
Core Unit Tools
Core Unit Rituals

Forum at a Glance

Artem has been working with the Content Production CU to improve the quality of the FaaG presentation on the Governance & Risk call, which will now be cut and separately posted on MakerDAO’s youtube channel. This comes as part of our general effort to make information available in more formats by partnering with Content Production. Additionally, FaaG now has a project overview document containing information about the publication.

Maker Relay

Maker Relay continues to receive qualitative improvements. Publishing the written version is being handed off from Tim Black to Artem Gordon in the coming weeks. Additionally, we are working with Content Production to eventually publish these on the community or official MakerDAO blog.

We encourage Facilitators, CU members, and senior community members to join the #MakerRelay chat. This way coverage of any given topic can be addressed in a single location where all the collaborators can be found.

Monthly Governance Review

The Monthly Governance Review now also has a project overview document containing information about the publication. Look out for the August issue coming out later today.


08/19/21 - 09/02/21

Maker Relay (Dual effort between MKT-001 & us)


Forum at a Glance

08/20 - 08/26
08/26 - 09/02

Up Ahead

  • Engagement Lead gets hired.
  • 2x sprints planned; Team Information Output Audit & Emergency Playbook
  • Working with GovAlpha on optimizing the governance and risk call.
  • More progress on everything mentioned above.
  • We are considering making this into a monthly update.

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