GovComms Bi-Weekly Update: Oct 01 - 15

GovComms Bi-Weekly Update

Oct 01 - 15, 2021

Administrative Update

Engagement Lead Hired!

Thomas Flitter joined us on October 4th and has begun the onboarding process to familiarize himself with MakerDAO. Be nice, say hello, and don’t be afraid to meet! Thomas has over 20 years of stakeholder engagement experience at a major energy utility company in the United States—experience he is eager to leverage. I am excited that he is a part of our team and the greater Maker-DAO, together we’re looking forward to leveling-up the organization!

Budget Modification in RFC

Budget modification proposal SP40 has been published to the forum. The main changes are:

  • Travel figures updated; More accurately reflects expenses by assuming one team-wide offsite for three people, and coverage for two people to attend up to three events per year.
  • Salary line item updated; More accurate.
  • Hourly Compensation item updated; More accurate.
  • Operating Expenses item updated; More accurate.

For detailed figures visit the proposal linked above.

Work Being Done

Since the launch of the CU, we have added a ton to our public drive. Supporting documentation around all our active projects is growing with project plans/descriptions, metrics tracking, and workflow process docs coming into existence and being iteratively improved upon.

MakerDAO Meeting Structure Revamp

Our team, in partnership with GovAlpha and SES, are working on a plan for scaling MakerDAO meetings to accommodate the increasing number of teams and business initiatives. L2 and RWA initiatives were modeled out. More thought and research are being done before any definitive changes are recommended by our team.

Emergency Playbook

Currently, we are working on completing resources for two emergency types; Market Events and Missing Persons. A draft of the full playbook is in the backlog and will become a major focus very soon, in the meantime we are working on the individual emergency-type resource documents.

MakerDAO People List

We’ve made a good amount of progress and will continue to do so. Besides building the list through outreach, we are also developing a policy for the data collection and maintenance of this database. As a part of that effort, in the coming weeks, we will be meeting with legal counsel who specializes in this to further advise us on the appropriate setup.

Information Output Audit

Artem and Thomas will both be working on it for the next two weeks as a joint side-project.

Issue Discussion Calls

We recently hosted the second call of the Issue Discussion call series that focused on the various Fixed Rate Solutions. There is no set recurring schedule for this call series, we will be organizing them as needed, targeting a bi-monthly cadence. Additionally, we created a draft of the process documentation for organizing these calls.

Public Call Summaries

The team is finally experimenting with software tools! is helping our contributors become more efficient producers of summaries, with the first workflows using it being tested this week.

Maker Relay

Artem officially owns the full publication process for Maker Relay. Work is being done to determine an appropriate set of objectives & key results for the project as well as our overall content publishing strategy.

Content Project Archiving

All content projects such as call summaries, Maker Relay, Snippets, Forum at a Glance, MGR, and more have been converted into PDF format and available on the COM-001 Google Drive.

Maker Governance Review

September’s Maker Governance Review was published on Forums, Twitter, and Reddit.

Discord Migration

Our team pitched in and helped @longforwisdom and @seth with the discord setup by collecting individual discord handles and mapping them to existing rocketchat accounts and roles. This information was also added to our internal stakeholder list.

Published 10/01/21 - 10/15/21

Maker Relay
(Dual effort between MKT-001 & COM-001)

[#65 Eng]( | #65 Esp
#66 Eng | #66 Esp

Forum at a Glance



September Governance Review

Up Ahead

  • More meeting modeling and brainstorming.
  • Coordinating the next Issue Discussion Call
  • 2x sprints planned; Team Information Output Audit & Emergency Playbook
  • Data Collection & Privacy Policy followed by Public MakerDAO people list
  • More progress on everything mentioned above.

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