GovComms Bi-Weekly Update: Oct 15 - 29

GovComms Bi-Weekly Update

Oct 15 - 29, 2021

Administrative Update

Budget Modification

We are under budget for the first two months of operations. Check out our public financials here. We will be publishing our actuals for October this coming week along with the higher quality github version. Additionally we are working on a streamlined process for recording and reporting our actuals month to month.

Budget modification proposal SP40 has been published to the forum. The main changes are:

  • Travel figures updated; More accurately reflects expenses by assuming one team-wide offsite for three people, and coverage for two people to attend up to three events per year.
  • Salary line item updated; More accurate.
  • Hourly Compensation item updated; More accurate.
  • Operating Expenses item updated; More accurate.

For detailed figures visit the proposal linked above.

Adding SES-style Status Update Calls

In order to provide more opportunities for ourselves to report on the progress of our projects, we will be setting up recorded SES-style status update calls. The details are being worked out and will be posted soon.

Team Emails

Our team is moving off our personal emails and onto new emails, thanks to the Content Production team. This setup creates a dependency between our team and Content Production since they manage the email service.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Media/Press Relations

Our team supports @Content-Production’s vision for a Press Relations function that is more proactive. Our team will remain as support for all incoming media requests and the media inquiries section in the forum. We support their team’s desire to hire a full time media relations person to draft Press Releases and to proactively manage media relationships–pushing important news that might otherwise be ignored.

Work Being Done

Since the launch of the CU, we have added a ton to our public drive. Supporting documentation around all our active projects is growing with project plans/descriptions, metrics tracking, and workflow process docs coming into existence and being iteratively improved upon.

Lisbon Engagement

@Davidutro traveled to Lisboa on a mission to participate in a MakerDAO off-site. To learn more about the engagement check out the overview here.

Meeting Models at MakerDAO

We are continuing to formulate a vision for meetings and coordination at MakerDAO.


Carrying forward the legacy work of some community development team contributors, our team has continued to fund translations of select publications into Spanish. We held a meeting with the contributor team to discuss where translations fit at MakerDAO. The key takeaways were that translations should be done for educational and evergreene materials rather than for short-term updates and that a framework for tracking, identifying, and executing on translations should be developed. Our next steps are to determine whether this initiative belongs with us or another Core Unit. Translations are not currently on our or any other team’s immediate mandate.

MakerDAO People List, now called the Stakeholder Database

Our team met with a GDPR Compliance, Data Protection, and Product Privacy Lawyer. We are in the process of hiring them or a similar firm to provide us with the services we need to ensure this project is being executed in a globally compliant way. In the meantime we are continuing to collect data-minimized opt-in and public information about MakerDAO stakeholders. The plan to release a public version of the list is on hold until further notice.

Also, we renamed the “MakerDAO People List” to the “Stakeholder Database” to more accurately reflect the nature of the list. View the project overview here.

Information Output Audit

Artem and Thomas have been working on it for the last two weeks as a joint side-project. As the initial report is completed, Thomas will be meeting with Facilitators to present work and review findings.

Issue Discussion Calls

We created a draft of the process documentation for coordinating and organizing these calls. The next call is being planned.

Maker Governance Review

Our team will be including the Content Production team in the production process of this publication moving forward.

Published 10/15/21 - 10/30/21

Maker Relay
(Dual effort between MKT-001 & COM-001)

#67 Eng | #67 Esp
#68 Eng | #68 Esp

Forum at a Glance


Up Ahead

  • October Governance Review
  • Mandate Refresh
  • COM-001 MKR Comp Package
  • More meeting modeling and brainstorming.
  • Coordinating the next Issue Discussion Call
  • Next Steps for Team Information Output Audit
  • Progress on the Emergency Playbook
  • Data Collection & Privacy Policy followed by Public MakerDAO people list

I think it is important to take this into account, as the Spanish-speaking community is one of the most active in the forum, maybe the second most active after English, it would be interesting to see how far this goes.

In terms of correspondence, I think it should be something in conjunction with the UC for content creation, as Gov+CC would be great to see them working together for the Spanish-speaking community.

We read you :eyes: :eyes:

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