Governance at a glance

The one stop shop for finding out what’s being discussed by governance right now.
Links reflect my personal view of the most noteworthy activity in the governance and risk categories right now. Disagree? Think something should be added? Leave a reply or a pm. Updated 15/07/19

Seeking Consensus
‘Bro, do you even signal?’

Meta Governance: Signal Requests - Seeking consensus on the meta-level organisation and clarity surrounding signalling on the new forum. What should this look like? How do we organise this?

Signal request/ Poll: Define standard stability fee changes based on recent price of DAI - Seeking consensus on whether we should pre-commit to specific fee changes at certain levels of Dai price error. Will this make the rate changes seem less arbitrary to traders? Can governance credibly pre-commit?

Signal Request / Poll: Adjust DAI Debt Ceiling - Seeking consensus on the debt ceiling. Should it be increased? By how much?

Signal Request: Should we move to exponential rate stepping for stability fee polls? - Seeking consensus around moving to exponential stepping in the stability fee polls. Is this an improvement? Do we lose anything by doing this?

Help Wanted
‘Oh %#$?, we need a doodad, and we need it now.’

Wanted: A Governance Dashboard - Looking for a individual/team to build a dashboard for historical voting data and engagement metrics. Funding Available. This sounds amazing, we must have it!

Ongoing Initiatives
‘Oh my god, this is taking ages, why can’t things be simple.’

Meta: Coordinating Collateral Due Diligence - Coordinating due-diligence for the first wave of collateral assets proposed for MCD. Is this something the community can do? Can we do it well enough?

Estimating DAI/USD from the eth2dai order book instead of dex trades - Working on creating a PID system to help governance estimate required Stability Rate changes. Here describing creating a better price estimation method for use in said PID.

On the Horizon
‘Wait, we need to worry about what now?’

Navigating the waters between now (SCD) and MCD with the DSR - Considering how we move from SCD to MCD. What challenges will we face? What process should we follow?

Is anything wrong with the DSR and Stability Rate calculations as planned for MCD? - Considering the possible implications of the DSR and Stability Rate calculations. Are there any problems we should be aware of? Can we do better?


I’m planning on updating this at least once a week going forward. Is this useful? What else would you like to see? Any feedback is welcome.

I’d like to have a section headed Ongoing Initiatives which calls attention to the governance or risk related projects that are actively being worked on. If you are working on something governance/risk related and have a moment to spare, write up a summary post of what you are doing, and I’ll link to it here. This goes equally for the Foundation, can we get a very brief post describing each governance/risk related thing that is currently happening (as much as can be shared?) The planned governance dashboard comes to mind as one example.


Love this idea, maybe once it becomes a habit we can call it out in the Governance call and in the socials.

There is a Community and Governance portal being worked on right now that houses ‘canonical’ docs and information about ongoing initiatives. It might be expanded to include Risk as well.

I’m thinking about setting up some subcategories in the Community section for projects that require comment and another for ‘bounties’. The Governance Dashboard is a good example, it’s been difficult to find a team willing to take the on the project.

Later: As an experiment, I’ve just created a help-wanted tag and posted a RFP for a Governance Dashboard.


Had a brief look at the community and governance portal, looks great. I’ll have some reading to do.

I’ll add a ‘Help Wanted’ section to this whole summary thing, including anything governance or risk related.
Edit: Added.

Updated 10/07/19 with ongoing initiatives.

Updated 15/07/19 with a recent signal poll. Friendly reminder to everyone that we’re still looking for volunteers to help with collateral due-diligence!