Governance at a glance

Updated with this weeks intrigues. @kwadrex create a new topic about the twitter account? Sounds there are a couple of things we could do there. Happy to add a link to it from here.

@LongForWisdom I’m just seeing this now due to typo in my name :slight_smile:
I’ll create a new thread for it.

Hah, my bad @kwadrax, sorry!

Edited for the new week, not too many changes. Everyone start some more interesting conversations!

Updated for this week, I’m going to start adding ‘new’ tags to new stuff that comes in each week. Let me know if there are any other things you’d like to see or changes I should think about making.

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Updated: a little later than I planned but discussion has been light this last week. Would it be beneficial to sticky this? (Currently I have to post each time I update it to move it back to the top of the forum)

@rich.brown can we do sticky posts on discourse?

It’s set up to pin topics that are unread by default. Once a user scrolls to the bottom of the thread it becomes unpinned. Someone would have to test the implications of changing the setting site wide.

Users can also change it in their own settings in Interface -> Other: [x] Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.

EDIT: I just pinned this topic in the Governance category.


This is a great summary!!!


Updated ahead of the weekly governance and risk meeting. Glad you found this summary useful, mario. :slight_smile:


Updated as usual. :slight_smile:


Updated after the latest governance and risk meeting. Added the most recent discussions and added a ‘Three point summary’ section to hopefully address some of the informational costs on MKR Token holders.

@Vishesh I’m probably going to keep bugging you for quotes over the coming months. Sorry man.

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This thread is now up to date as the default post editing restriction has been lifted. The other thread can be deleted.

Updated for the new week. If anyone has any comments regarding the format, I’d love to hear them. Specifically the Ongoing Initiatives and the On The Horizon sections. Could these be re-branded or replaced with something more useful?

Happy to hear from people that don’t use this index as well as people who do.

Bumped for the new week. No one responded regarding format. So I’m going to assume that I am perfect and without flaw.

The format is seriously great. Thanks for doing this.


Thanks freiza for the feedback, I appreciate it!

That said I’m currently considering an alternative to the format which I may experiment with in the near future. Stay tuned.

This is pinned now so I no longer need to bump the thread, feels like a habit now though.

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Bumped for this week. I’ll be honest, it’s been a slow one…

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