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The one stop shop for finding out what’s being discussed by governance right now.
Links reflect my personal view of the most noteworthy activity in the governance and risk categories right now. Disagree? Think something should be added? Leave a reply or a pm. Updated 22/08/19

Current Affairs
‘What’s going on? Do I need to do something?’

Mandate: Risk Teams *New* - Cyrus shares the Risk Team Mandate for consideration and ratification by the community. Are we happy with the role of risk teams? With the general process defined here?

[Results] Collateral Asset Priority Poll - August 19, 2019 *New* - Rich breaksdown the results of the asset priority poll. Any surprise results that jump out? Strong satisfaction or dissatisfaction? Share it here.

Mandate: Interim Governance Facilitators - Rich shares the Governance Facilitator Role (and more) and proposes himself as the Interim Governance Facilitator. What do we think of the role definition? Can it be improved upon by the community?

MakerDAO Goals: Short + Medium + Long term *New* - A suggestion that we try to define short, medium and long term goals for MakerDAO. Can we come together on goals like this? Who would spearhead this process?

Seeking Consensus
‘Bro, do you even signal?’

Signal Request: Should we move to exponential rate stepping for stability fee polls? *66% Consensus* - Seeking consensus around moving to exponential stepping in the stability fee polls. Is this an improvement? Do we lose anything by doing this?

Signaling Guidelines - Seeking consensus on a canonical set of guidelines around signalling on this forum. Are these good guidelines? What else should we include?

Should we modify the SF voting cadence and stepping? - Seeking consensus on moving from a weekly to a biweekly cadence. Should we poll for fee changes less frequently?

Ongoing Initiatives
‘Oh my god, this is taking ages, why can’t things be simple?’

Twitter account @mkrgov to keep MKR holders updated and involved in regards to governance - Setting up a MkrGov twitter account. What can we use this for? What should we use it for?

Meta: Coordinating Collateral Due Diligence - Coordinating due-diligence for the first wave of collateral assets proposed for MCD. Is this something the community can do? Can we do it well enough?

Systemic Risk Directory - Collating the various systemic risks identified by members of the community. Is everything going to explode in the future? Click here to find out!

On the Horizon
‘Wait, we need to worry about what now?’

Consensus Decision Making vs Plurality Voting - Considering the difference between plurality and consensus decision making. How do we make decisions? How should we make decisions in the future?

Navigating the waters between now (SCD) and MCD with the DSR - Considering how we move from SCD to MCD. What challenges will we face? What process should we follow?

Help Wanted
‘Oh %#$?, we need a doodad, and we need it now.’

Wanted: A Governance Dashboard - Looking for a individual/team to build a dashboard for historical voting data and engagement metrics. Funding Available. This sounds amazing, we must have it!

Wanted: A Docusaurus setup to replace the existing Portal - Looking for an individual or team to replicate the community gitbook setup into docusaurus. Funding Available. Anything lizard related is bound to be better.

Wanted: Styling for this forum and the Community Development Portal - Looking for an individual or team to make this forum and the community portal look pretty. Funding Available. Personally, I am partial to lime-green.


I’m planning on updating this at least once a week going forward. Is this useful? What else would you like to see? Any feedback is welcome.

I’d like to have a section headed Ongoing Initiatives which calls attention to the governance or risk related projects that are actively being worked on. If you are working on something governance/risk related and have a moment to spare, write up a summary post of what you are doing, and I’ll link to it here. This goes equally for the Foundation, can we get a very brief post describing each governance/risk related thing that is currently happening (as much as can be shared?) The planned governance dashboard comes to mind as one example.


Love this idea, maybe once it becomes a habit we can call it out in the Governance call and in the socials.

There is a Community and Governance portal being worked on right now that houses ‘canonical’ docs and information about ongoing initiatives. It might be expanded to include Risk as well.

I’m thinking about setting up some subcategories in the Community section for projects that require comment and another for ‘bounties’. The Governance Dashboard is a good example, it’s been difficult to find a team willing to take the on the project.

Later: As an experiment, I’ve just created a help-wanted tag and posted a RFP for a Governance Dashboard.


Had a brief look at the community and governance portal, looks great. I’ll have some reading to do.

I’ll add a ‘Help Wanted’ section to this whole summary thing, including anything governance or risk related.
Edit: Added.

Updated 10/07/19 with ongoing initiatives.

Updated 15/07/19 with a recent signal poll. Friendly reminder to everyone that we’re still looking for volunteers to help with collateral due-diligence!

I just registered, maybe we can use it to put more focus on these items also.
(other good suggestions also welcome of course)

Updated with this weeks intrigues. @kwadrex create a new topic about the twitter account? Sounds there are a couple of things we could do there. Happy to add a link to it from here.

@LongForWisdom I’m just seeing this now due to typo in my name :slight_smile:
I’ll create a new thread for it.

Hah, my bad @kwadrax, sorry!

Edited for the new week, not too many changes. Everyone start some more interesting conversations!

Updated for this week, I’m going to start adding ‘new’ tags to new stuff that comes in each week. Let me know if there are any other things you’d like to see or changes I should think about making.

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Updated: a little later than I planned but discussion has been light this last week. Would it be beneficial to sticky this? (Currently I have to post each time I update it to move it back to the top of the forum)

@rich.brown can we do sticky posts on discourse?

It’s set up to pin topics that are unread by default. Once a user scrolls to the bottom of the thread it becomes unpinned. Someone would have to test the implications of changing the setting site wide.

Users can also change it in their own settings in Interface -> Other: [x] Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.

EDIT: I just pinned this topic in the Governance category.


This is a great summary!!!

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Updated ahead of the weekly governance and risk meeting. Glad you found this summary useful, mario. :slight_smile: