Governance-Focused Documentation

As part of GovAlpha’s quarterly goals, we want to produce a comprehensive and well-maintained documentation source for participants in Maker Governance. The overall goals are as follows:

  • Provide an index of relevant pages that can explain parameters as they are modified in signal requests and votes.
  • Help governance participants understand how to intentionally govern the Maker Protocol. Intentionally meaning knowing how to achieve desired goals with the tools and levers available.
  • Provide durable access to information regarding how Maker Governance has dealt with various environments and situations in the past, such that it can inform future decision-making.
  • Provide information on how the Maker Protocol works at a detailed (but non-technical) level.

With this in mind, are there any resources that you (as a participant in Maker Governance) wish were present in this documentation source?

So far we’re certain we want the following:

  • A comprehensive index of governance parameters with plain-English descriptions and considerations to take when considering changes.
  • A comprehensive index of in-use protocol modules with plain-English descriptions and explanations of how they operate, who can operate them, etc.
  • Instructions on how to audit executive spells.
  • Instructions on how to verify poll and executive hashes.
  • Links and descriptions of the commonly relied-upon frontend UI’s that show the status of the protocol.

Past that, things are still a little up in the air. So, what would you like to see as part of these resources beyond the above?


Would it be possible for you and @prose11 to create the simplest and easiest comprehensible a.k.a, ELI5 explanation of how the Governance Calendar works? Submission datelines, cycles, etc., I mean like the easiest diagram, or a workflow chart (TOL). Like today, Nik was ask when the Oracles CU MIP-39 App will go to a Governance Vote, and I got the idea he was like baffle with what date it can be submitted (I would be too TBH) :sweat_smile:


Regarding protocol status, it would be nice to include a link to a front end showing protocol payments to Core Units (or any other entity paid by the protocol).


I believe you can see the relevant addresses for the core units here. At the least, you’ll see the CUs’ receipt of total funds, and I presume you can follow them to individual team members if you’re interested.


I’ve added this to the opportunity register that SES is working on. I think there’s a lot of tooling around Core Unit administration, transparency and reporting that would be very useful for the DAO.

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This exists in a limited form here: MIP RFC and Formal Submission Dates. The ELI5 explanation is that MIPs are formally submitted from the first Monday of the month, to the following Wednesday. We could definitely add a page with the same information on the site.

Yeah, if we don’t show that directly, we can at least link to other frontends that are tracking that information.


That’s right now I remember that write-up by @blimpa – interesting enough, Pablo wrote:
“An example is worth more than a thousand words”

hence, I truly believe a Flowchart would work–it does not have to include exact dates ( perhaps a 30-day period/window). This “Workflow” can include from Inception to the moment an Executive Vote is Executed–and Rejections.

We do have some visual aids within the MIPs: MIPs Portal

But yes, perhaps we can make some better ones.

I thought we had improved this one with the MIP0 Amendments.

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