Governance idea: Conviction Voting


I have just read the following interesting article (see below) about Conviction Voting.

I have come into it because it is currently used/experimented in the 1Hive DAO in xDAI, but the idea itself has been conceived/developed within the Aragon DAO community.

TLDR: When you place your MKR tokens to vote, their ‘weight’ is initially zero, and it grows over time (following a certain curve) up to a certain limit.

I’d like to hear the opinion of the MakerDAO community about this voting method. For me it looks particularly attractive because (as observed in the article):

  1. it is a pretty simple idea to prevent sudden Governance attacks. If an attacker proposed and tries to approve a bad proposal, it will take some time for their MKR to ‘mature’.
  1. Vote buying (borrowing MKR to vote, last minute, on some proposals) would need to become vote renting (for a longer amount of time) creating an interesting token-economics.

I have read about this before, and I do quite like the idea. I’m not quite sure how it could fit in with Maker 's current voting processes though. Maybe increasing weight based on time-locked-in-DssGov.