Governance Initiatives

Recently I have wanted to try to be more transparent about what I am working on ‘behind-the-scenes.’ I am creating this summary post to collate all the governance initiatives taking place. That said, I will only directly be creating my own. If anyone else is working on something governance related I would encourage them to make a post about it so that I can link it here.

Active Initiatives

Working Group: Autonomous MakerDAO - A working group tackling some of the DAO structuring issues that we need to solve before being able to operate independently.

Community Driven Governance Messaging - Project Plan (placeholder name) - @Mitote , @Anatta, @musatheredguard, @adrianhacker-pdx and @twblack88 are working on communicating more effectively with stakeholders in the Maker Protocol.

Governance Initiative: Experimenting with SourceCred - @LongForWisdom is coordinating the creation of an experimental trial for the SourceCred algorithm within the Maker community.

Governance Initiative: Maker Business Analytics Dashboard @hexonaut is producing a business analytics dashboard for use by MKR Token Holders.

Inactive Initiatives

Governance Initiative: Open Grafana Dashboard - @dawson is producing a Open Grafana Dashboard with the aim of providing customizable dashboarding to the Maker Community.

Governance Initiative: Weekly Governance Summary - Maker Holder DAI-gest - @adrianhacker-pdx is producing a weekly governance summary called Maker Holder’s Dai-gest.

Governance Initiative: Maker Governance Analytics Dashboard - @LongForWisdom is coordinating work on the website in order to improve the available data around governance participation.

Governance Initiative: Collateral On-Boarding Process - @LongForWisdom, @Mitote and @Planet_X are working on creating a comprehensive collateral on-boarding process.

Governance Initiative: DeFi Consortium on Emergency Shutdown Criterion @Rich_Cuellar-Lopez hopes to put together a DeFi consortium to better discuss and understand the impact around a potential Emergency Shutdown of MCD.